Philly Cheese Steak Wrap

I have never been to Philadelphia so I have never had a proper  Philly cheese steak. What I have had throughout the years has left me unimpressed with the whole idea of them. When I asked the hubs what he wanted for dinner he said “you know what sounds good? A Philly cheese steak.” Umm, hmm, OK. I wasn’t terribly thrilled with the idea but he actually told me what he wanted which is a once a month occurrence so I went with it. Then I was even less excited about it once I started browsing recipes. Yes, I needed to search recipes, don’t judge. I knew it wasn’t a complicated thing to make but I didn’t want a big sandwich and I didn’t want some bland meat topped with bland cheese. Sue me!

I came across Bobby Flay’s Philly cheese steak recipe on Food Network and thought, now that sounds good. It would be even better wrapped in a tortilla. Bingo, this is a winner winner chicken dinner.

I switched out rib eyes for the loin strip and used bell peppers and a poblano. The aged provolone cheese sauce is amazing, eat by the spoonful amazing, but it’s very rich. I am ashamed to admit I have never had aged provolone, it is so good. It’s sharp and robust flavor is enough to stand on it’s own and I don’t think it’s necessary to make it into a sauce. So the next day when I had this for lunch I made a quesadilla for K with the cheese sauce and just grated some of the aged provolone into my wrap. Same great flavor but less calories. The sauce would be good as a fondue served with apples or pears, but for this dish, the cheese can stand alone.

This is sort of a pain the ass the make because Bobby made it more complicated then it needed to be, but he put out a good one here, so I guess I can’t argue with his madness.
Once all the components were cooked I piled them on a whole wheat tortilla and wrapped it up.


excuse me, my mouth is full.


Next time {because there will be a next time} I will wrap them all up like cute little burritos, lay them on a baking sheet and bake for a few minutes. Kind of like Philly Cheese steak meets baked burrito? Hmm, will have to come up with a name for them.

See Bobby’s recipe here.

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