Rainbow Cake

When planning Kaili’s birthday party I came across a picture of a 6 layer rainbow cake. I knew at that moment I had to attempt my hand at it and that is why she had a rainbow party.

I was totally going to use Martha Stewart’s recipe but as the day got closer and I realized how much crap I was actually going to have  to make, I decided to make it easier on myself and I followed this recipe.

I took matters into my own hands when it came to the frosting. I decided that coconut cream cheese frosting had to happen. If you haven’t had spoonfuls of coconut cream cheese frosting first thing in the morning than you are failing at life. It pairs perfectly with coffee, just saying.


I baked all six layers of the cake the day before the party, wrapped tightly in in plastic wrap and threw them in the fridge. I also went ahead and made the frosting. The kitchen was already a disaster, might as well add it. I used this recipe but doubled it.

All of the layers baked perfectly flat except one, I just cut off the funky top and it was good as new. Oh make sure to use gel food coloring, the color is MUCH more vibrant. There are no measurements for the colors just eyeball it, but remember when making orange you need a lot more yellow than red.


I was really impressed with how straight the cake was once all the layers were stacked. The cake was super moist so frosting it was kind of a pain in my ass but it all worked out better than I imagined.

The cake got rave reviews and I don’t think anyone could tell it was from a mix, the frosting is SO good that it doesn’t even matter.


The 2 on top was a last minute decision. I quickly traced the number two onto some cardboard, cut it out and laid it gently on top of the cake and dumped the sprinkles on. Super easy.

I also baked up chocolate cupcakes with regular cream cheese frosting. I wanted a back up dessert in case the cake didn’t make it, plus everyone loves cupcakes!

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