FET {Frozen Embryo Transfer}

When I started this blog only a handful of people were reading it. I didn’t want to over-share, I didn’t want to shove it in peoples faces and I didn’t want to jinx myself. I kept my pregnancy  quiet {for the most part}, I didn’t share when I went on hospital bed rest and I didn’t post a picture of myself pregnant {aside from this blog} until the very end. I never fully felt 100% things would work out, and after the delivery I still have nightmares about losing her.


However the time has come to go see the good doctor about getting knocked up….again, but this time it  will, should,  hopefully be a breeze. I called the office and the ball will start rolling once I start next months cycle. I need to get a sonohystegoram on day 7-10 of my cycle. This is where they will “map” out my uterus to prepare for the embryo transfer, it’s basically a test run.

Then the following cycle will be the biggy. I don’t have any more facts at the moment, I assume we will go over everything next month. I do know that a FET is a lot easier than my fresh cycle because my eggs have already been retrieved and that was the painful part. They have been fertilized and now they are just hanging out in the cooler waiting… So how bad can it be? Haha…ha haha. {don’t jinx yourself}

I have been mentally preparing myself for this the past few months, I am going in positive but with the “hope for the best expect the worse” mentality because I now know how rough things can get. But I don’t think this round will be as bad, see postitivity!. We have 9 frozen embys, I don’t know what  percentage of them will make it through the “thaw” but I do know I wont transfer more than one at a time.

So if you are curious about how this journey will go, go ahead and hit the follow button. Once I start the procedure I won’t be posting certain posts on social media. I know some people don’t care about a gal who has to go to the doctor to get pregnant and don’t care how the road to baby #2  will go, so I don’t want to shove it in faces. {Anyhow all the good stories about Shane, the Drs. office old porn stash and the secret handshake are old news} But I do know some people are curious about how IVF works, infertility is bigger than people realize and I want to share my story to give others insight and hope.

Hopefully I will have some positive news come November.

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