No Crying At SeaWorld!

Kaili hasn’t been to speech since July, school has taken it’s place. Her teacher and I decided to just check in every few months. Yesterday I got a reminder call that we had an appointment Tuesday morning, “what time is it?” I asked, “8:30.” 8:30 in the morning? What the hell was I thinking?

Her speech is at the hospital, literally right down the street but somehow I always think we are going to be late so we rush around just to get there early. Nothing more fun than sitting in a waiting room with a  2year old.

In the car, ironically on the way to speech, Kaili was hollering “go people! “Move people” at every red light. Wonder where she got that from?

All said and done, her speech has drastically improved, I was given a few tricks of the trade to help work on her “sh” and “f” sounds. We scheduled  another follow up appointment for January and that will most likely be the last of it. Hopefully we wont need to return to Children’s hospital again.


I promised her a trip to SeaWorld on Tuesday so after lunch we headed out. 75 degrees out in the middle of October, who’s complaining? Oh wait I am, 3 hours later, I was exhausted. Defiance and tears  were proof that she was too.

IMG_0623 IMG_0626 IMG_0658

The highlight for me, besides the fact that the park was empty were the dolphins…always is. Today we were tossing the ball around with them, petting them, I was in heaven. No offense to Kaili but it would have been more enjoyable if I was by myself {or with help}. Holding her as she whined in my ear really came in between my play time with flipper.


We fed the SeaLions and watched the sharks, you know, the norm.

IMG_0656 IMG_0650 IMG_0647

But the highlight for Kaili came at the end as we were leaving. Low and behold her favorite cartoon character…at SeaWorld.

IMG_0702 IMG_0699

Good ol’ Franklin. She was stoked and I basically had to drag her away so the other kids could get a chance to say hi. “Bye Franklin, bye Franklin, bye Franklin!


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