Let’s Catch Up

Can anyone tell me what happened? This past week is a blur, I was in San Diego then Orange County and back again….back again. I am pretty sure I left off after my Dr. appointment, is that right?

If so, we spent Friday up in the OC. We cheered on David Wagner’s doubles partner Nick as he fought for third place, we didn’t cheer loud enough and he lost.


After, we ate our sorrows away.

Sitting on the Mission Viejo lake we devoured an amazing anchovy and caper dotted Caesar salad and garlic infused pizza.

Later in the evening we went back to the tennis center for the guys’ doubles match. I am so grateful for all the friends and family that made it out for this tournament.

They won.

Of course  they did!


Thankful for Grandpa, we were able to go out for a sushi feast after the match. I am still drooling thinking about one of those damn rolls, so good.

The better half of Saturday was spent at the Tennis Center, eating, drinking, tennis.



They won again.

Uh huh, we get the picture.

We drove back home  {San Damn Diego} later that evening and spent the rest of the weekend trying our hardest not to move from the couch or from the T.V.

Football, Homeland, Hello Ladies. Are you watching?

We watched David and Nick play their doubles final online, they won!!

Monday, Kaili woke me up early, 5 am early.

Anyone want her? I am trading her in for a new one, preferably one that sleeps in.

We hit the road by 10 am heading back to Mission Viejo to watch David play the Masters final. Kaili was a true monster the whole way up but once I told her I was going to leave her in Mission Viejo, she cheered up, fast.

The finals match started rough, I won’t lie. David was down 6-0 the first set.




However he kicked it into gear and got the job done in the third set.


NEC wheelchair Masters champion
NEC wheelchair Masters champion
Giving him Congrats
Giving him Congrats

David Wagner wrapped it up. The NEC wheelchair Masters champ….again.

Thank you to y’all who made it out!

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