Guess What?

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? OK the good news it is. Baby looks good, she/he was wiggling around probably enjoying my little cup of cafe Calabria coffee I had this morning. My blood results came back and I can stop all my meds tomorrow. I can’t wait to pull the damn patches off my stomach and finally rid my stomach of the black sticky residue that has been decorating my abdomen for a couple months now.

photo 3

Now the bad news, if you can believe it, I have another subchorionic hemorrhage, I mean ARE YOU SERIOUS? Honestly I wasn’t terribly shocked being that I have been spotting on and off, I knew there had to be a reason for it. I was just hoping this wasn’t it. And even though all you nice people have told me “this pregnancy will be so much easier” I never believed it, I just didn’t think it would start off worse than the last.

I won’t lie, this bleed looks a lot bigger than the one they spotted with Kaili early on. The Dr. I saw wasn’t really giving out much information, I sort of feel since it was my final appointment with them they wanted my OB doctor to take it on. I am sure I will be seeing a high risk doctor in the near future. Hope for the best, expect the worse is my mentality until then.

Looks pretty big, am I right?
Looks pretty big, am I right?

Here was Kaili’s reaction to the bad news.

IMG_0407Now I just sit back and continue to take things easy until my Dr. appointment next Friday. Hopefully nothing bad happens in the next 7 days. I won’t lie, I am sort of scared this time around. Whose idea was this?

One thought on “Guess What?

  1. Oh Kim,   How could this news be?  Have you not eaten your spinach??   What rotten luck.   I feel for you not knowing what will happen next.   I will be thinking of you and hope the news with the new Dr. will be more positive.     I hope you could enjoy Christmas and that the New Year will be a good one for you.    Love, Aunt Carolyn      




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