15 Week Bumpdate

This past week has been boring and long and boring. Kaili got hit with a bad cold and we were pretty much quarintined to the house. Shane was working from home so that meant we were forced to watch every.single.minute. of Seahawk television and there was a lot of it. I am now overly prepared to see that category on Jeopardy, let’s make it a true daily double, Alex.

Since I don’t have much to share with you, lets talk about the bump.

My morning sickness is officially gone, thank the baby Jesus. The contractions had slowed way down during the week and only started happening at night. I would get a couple right around 8pm, but last night nothing, holla!

Baby is the size of a naval orange. Did you know that the color orange was named after the fruit and not the other way around? You’re welcome.

Still no distinct movement. Every once in awhile I feel a little plop in my stomach but it could be anything.

I have my 2nd trimester blood test scheduled this week and the amnio the week after. Once we get the results we can start focusing on whatever it is I should be doing around 5 months. Part of me wants to put it all off but another part of me wants to make sure I have what I need incase bed rest is in my future. I will not worry about that now, now is the time to procrastinate.

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