Summer Bucket List

Seven more days and I am going  start thinking about checking off  a summer bucket list. First things first of course, I’ll have  to make sure I can walk around upright and poop without crying. I have been reminded that holding a pillow on the incision helps ease the pain, it’s also good when sneezing, just in case you are being cut open anytime soon.

Do you have a bucket list for this summer or the rest of the year?  I have a whole truckload of ideas, Shane thinks I am overzealous, we’ll see.

I saw this on Babble.



A few of those aren’t much of a bucket list, more like life, and I can assure you I am not doing any sort of Triathlon, mini or not.

I am going to see how many tasting rooms I can get the baby into before Winter rolls around.

I am desperate for a bowl of good Gazpacho so I need a fool proof recipe for that.

I would like to get my backside some sun so it can catch up with my frontside.

Our newly refurbished home is begging for some wall art.

I want to take Kaili to the zoo so she can hang with her peeps.

I will find a babysitter who wants to and can handle two kids. One  that I can trust enough so I can actually leave the house.

I would like to go on a date with my husband while said babysitter watches the kids.

And maybe, maybe if the stars align, I will get to see Dave Matthews for our 8th anniversary. Or get to see the ponies run at Del Mar, or maybe both?

What is on your bucket list?


2 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. I hope all your bucket wishes come true—at least in your lifetime!! Good luck with the baby. I am thinking of you a lot. I have been gone a lot lately but will be sending you something for the baby soon.

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