Save the Baby

The other morning something very scary happened. Every night after Averi’s early morning meal I move her and the Rock n Play next to the side of my bed, this way if she fusses I am right there. This one morning Shane had gotten up with Kaili and I fell back to sleep. I was having a horrific dream about Kaili, she was drowning in a pool and as  I was pulling her out, I suddenly woke up to moaning. LUCKILY I quickly turned to Averi and saw that one of my pillows had managed to fall on top of her. You guys, she was being smothered by my pillow. I pulled it off of her, swept her hot and sweaty body up in my arms and realized how close to tragedy that was. I am so thankful I woke up to her moaning, and didn’t ignore it, so very thankful.

I have never been for co-sleeping, but even if you have baby next to your bed,  just know that these freak situations can happen. I don’t know how I would have lived with myself if something had happened to her. It still scares me to think about it…shiver.

On a happier note, Averi has been napping in her crib, {SUCCESS} and I am hoping to get her out of our room and the swaddle soon.

Many faces of Averi



FullSizeRender FullSizeRender

4 thoughts on “Save the Baby

  1. What a cutie! So sorry for the terrible scare. You can’t raise a child without something frightening you. I had moments too!

  2. Lessons learned every day with kids, eh?? Keeping danger at bay is a constant..who would have thought about a pillow falling in her little sleeping area..PHEW>>!! So glad all is well!!

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