Big Plan Fail

I had big blogging plans for this trip but…..

I have so much to tell you. We will start with wine and dogs.

Elegante Cellars and the dog with no name…because I forgot it.


Dunham Cellars and the other dog with no name….because wine.

Shane and I took the kids out to the airport for some wine tasting on Tuesday. No not the actual airport but right past the Walla Walla airport houses over 20 wineries. I googled it for you. We hit a handful of them but the one we were looking forward to all day was Dunham cellars. We were lucky enough to meet JoAnne Dunham thanks to Wags. They became fast friends when he was in town for a motivational speech. She met us at the winery and gave us a first class tasting and we became wine members without hesitation.


Christmas eve was full of cheer. Most of the family came, food was inhaled and gifts were tore open. It was nice to catch up with people I haven’t seen in years and might not see again for a few more. We recovered Christmas morning by sitting on our asses as Jesus intended it.


Friday was Shane’s birthday and we had just a few more wineries we wanted to visit. We packed up the kids and headed out to the other side of Walla Walla Soon after our first stop I realized I forgot Averi’s bottles. I packed everything for the kids, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g for a day out except a fucking bottle.

Another one of Shane’s high school friends just moved his tasting  room from the airport to downtown. He let us know that he was there at Kontos Cellars pouring, so we dropped the kids off with grandma and hit the town. (thank you!)  We were lucky enough to meet back up with Chris and his wife later that evening for a fun few hours. Then this happened….

The next morning JoAnne wasn’t at home, apparently the police called around 2 in the morning. Shane’s grandma ( who lives not far down the road) had run to the neighbors claiming she had been assaulted and there were strange people in her house. Once Gordon and JoAnne showed up it was obvious that no one was ever there and that her mind was playing some wacky ass tricks on her. Turns out there was SO MUCH more to Gma’s story. Ladies were talking about her in her bedroom and every time she got close to the door they ran away, a  naked couple had performed a play  in her front room under a teepee made with her comforter and then  they were laying on her floor “doing their thing”. Her clothes were scattered all throughout her yard, some were nicely folded in the washing machine topped with Ramen noodles and she was convinced her dog had been drugged and his hair was falling out so she lathered him up with hand lotion. There is so much more but I can’t write all night.

The next morning JoAnne and her sister Kellie took Gma to the ER and spent most of the day waiting for tests. Hours and hours later the results were and it turns out she has a bladder infection. YOU GUYS a urinary tract infection in older women can cause paranoia and hallucinations. Now, not to say age or maybe even dementia isn’t playing a small part but here….read it for yourselves. The ER doctor sent her home with antibiotics and a sitter for the night.

We all hoped that would do the trick but come Sunday night we couldn’t reach her by phone. Convinced someone had to check on her, Shane and JoAnne headed over.  Oh man…she had barricaded both the front and back door to keep the people out, broken a lamp so they would cut their feet and told Shane that his “wife’s husband” is the one doing this. It’s  crazy ass shit that I can’t wrap my head around. I am truly amazed that a bladder infection can mess with your mind in such a way.

This is a PSA for the elderly. IF you have a loved one who may be going senile or straight mad, take them in for tests. Could be as simple as a urinary tract infection. Question is, does it go away with antibiotics?


One thought on “Big Plan Fail

  1. My goodness, you had quite a time up north. The good part was seeing Shane’s family, then the bizarre happening with Grandma! I have had bladder infections many times in my life and had never even heard of such a bizarre outcome. I don’t think (??) I have had such terrible symptoms ever and certainly didn’t lose my faculties. I hope Grandma is better now. That is rather scary! I loved the picture of Avery and was it Shane holding her? And Kaili looks happy in the rain, all decked out. I hope you got home safely and that all is well. Happy New Year! Love, Aunt Carolyn

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