I’m How Old?

Well I turned another year older, it’s fun while you’re celebrating and then kind of depressing when you’re not, for me anyway.

Our good friend drove out from Arizona to celebrate the weekend with us. I am impressed with all that we managed to squeeze into 2 days, especially with kids.

  We took her to Blue Door Winery, San Diego Cellars, And San Pasqual winery….got to drink local.  We tried a new pizza place that was just okay and drank coffee at our favorite roaster.  

We strolled downtown by the waterfront and ended up devouring the best tacos at Puesto! Kaili loves their salsa, she practically drinks the stuff. Speaking of drinking, their spicy Margaritas are lovely!

After lunch these  two found themselves behind bars .

We ended the day at a new local cheese store. It was like walking into a Paris fromagerie. We spent a good amount of time there because they were offering us samples of every cheese we were curious about, it was heaven. The weekend ended with a pedicure and for the first time in years I watched the entire Academy Awards live, and what a snooze it was. Not a bad way to spend a day getting older.

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