A Good Pad Thai?

Pad Thai, it’s like the Orange chicken of Thai food. It’s always ordered because it’s not spicy for that one person, I’m pretty sure it was Kailis first introduction to Thai food. I am not one to order it because let be honest Pad See Ew is SO much better.  But one day I really wanted some so I did the easy thing and bought Amy’s that was sitting the freezer section of Sprouts and you know what, it wasn’t half bad. Then I decided I would try making it because I had nothing else better to do.  

Now I had to find a recipe and it took me days, I am so serious. The Internet is dangerous place, hundreds of recipes for this stupid dish and every one was different.  I found myself on All Recipes ( you know how much I love that site) and saw ” the best traditional Pad Thai recipe EVER” or something like that. I thought ok, maybe this site will come through for me. I read the recipe and it looked fine until the part where they left out tamarind. I mean come on, tamarind is the whole basis behind Pad Thai, how can this be traditional? The reviews made me want to throw my iPad across the room. Why was this so hard? I almost threw in the towel and went to by some stupid premade sauce but I went ahead and slaved in the kitchen combining 3 different recipes.  In the end, after all that work I didn’t even like the stupid dish. I was left with enough Pad Thai noodles for a year and I couldn’t even pawn them off on Kaili. It wasn’t that it tasted bad I think I just realized I don’t really like Pad Thai and that was the hardest way to find that out. Moral of this story? I have no fucking clue but stay away from All Recipes!

One thought on “A Good Pad Thai?

  1. It looked good to me! I am amazed that you have time to do all the prep and cooking! Good for you. Sounds like you are all well fed!

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