Thankful for Pain Meds

This year we had our first Friendsgiving! I was looking forward to sharing the day with our friends and spending the day in the kitchen, instead I spent the morning in the ER.  The week before I had a constant backache that continually got worse. I ended up going to my Dr. on Wednesday since it was going to be a long Holiday weekend. My Dr. said it was probably sciatica and gave me some meds and I went on my way. The pain meds helped and that afternoon I felt a bit better. But by the next morning the pain was unbearable, blinding pain, I couldn’t think straight. I told Shane I needed to go to the Emergency room. I spent the morning in the ER. Luckily I wasn’t there too long, the DR. gave me stronger meds and sent me on my way once again. I made it through the weekend, the pain tolerable thanks to the pills but my left leg from the knee down was numb, tingly and aching. Monday morning I went back to my Dr, he then scheduled me for a CT scan. Turns out I have a herniated disc and it’s putting pressure on my vertebrae causing the numbness. Awesome huh? So now I am going to get epidural steroid injections to hopefully reduce the swelling and the pain. That’s going to be super fun…said no one ever. I will let you know how that works out.

Back to Friendsgiving…Luckily I had prepped everything the night before and made the dough for the rolls. Shane ended up cooking everything and watching the kids, he did an amazing job and the food was great. The rolls weren’t the best but that was my fault, I left out a couple ingredients. I blame my pain.

We got our lights up and the tree decorated the next day. We also did our Christmas card photo shoot that weekend.

DSC_0471 copy

I am managing with a bad back and a numb foot, thanks to the pain meds. I am also more into the Holiday spirit this year because Kaili is so excited about everything. This is when it starts to get really fun!


3 thoughts on “Thankful for Pain Meds

  1. I’ve been missing your blogs! Sorry for your pain, hopefully you can get it fixed for life. Sure wish you guys could be here for Xmas! Maybe next year?

  2. Gosh, Kim, I just now got this blog (a week before Xmas) and am so sorry about your bad back etc. Those trips to the ER are no fun. I have been there too with broken ribs last year. Had to wait 4 hrs. to get help. Good that Shane is such a big help as you just can’t stop being a Mom with little ones. Hope you are a lot better now and that you all have a Merry Christmas! Love, Aunt Carolyn

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