Late Birthday

Finally, pictures of the Avester’s first birthday, next up, the thank you cards…I promise.

It was a small affair with just family and close neighbors. In other words, the second child gets screwed. Let’s face it, the first few birthdays are really for the parents anyway, and since we go overboard on Kaili’s, Averi will have to wait for her big shindigs.

I made a DIY taco bar with ground beef and shrimp tacos. Easy rice and beans from the Mexican market and doctored up a cake mix for a delish cake.

Chocolate cake mix cake, with a home made chocolate ganache filling and coconut cream cheese frosting.
Chocolate cake mix cake, with a home made chocolate ganache filling and coconut cream cheese frosting.

The cake was for the adults and I bought two cupcakes for the girls, I really wanted to make it easy on myself.

Averi enjoyed her first cupcake, she even made a wish before diving in. In Love with this picture.

"Make a wish"
“Make a wish”

IMG_5603 DSC_8519 copy 2 DSC_8495

After a quick scrub down she diligently opened her pressies.


Happy birthday sweet girl.

*Photo credit-Brian Kerr

12 Months better known as 1 Year

“Aw, your baby is so cute, how old is he?”

“Thanks, he is 24 months. Hey, do you have the time?”

“Sure. It’s 972 minutes past midnight.”

I think I did that with Kaili and I blame the Doc. “We will see you back when she is 18 months.” I will do my best NOT to do that with Averi.


Aves just had her 1 year doctor appointment I am happy to report there is not much to say. She weights 18 1/2 lbs and is in the 40th percentile for height and weight.

She is still going to bed about 6 and still waking up at 5:30 sometimes she goes back to sleep but most of the time not.

Unlike her sister she doesn’t love the bath, she would rather climb around knocking things down. She just wants to be on the move, investigating and eating everything she finds on the floor.


I think she has a few teeth trying to make their appearance, I can’t wait for the teething to be done with.

We are slowly working with the whole milk situation. I am adding a little to her formula each day until she seems adjusted to it. Some days she gobbles up the fruit I give her, some days they all end up on the floor. She isn’t keen on the veggies, or the meat. So now I have two picky eaters.


She whines.. A LOT. She sees me and starts crying. Her vocabulary consists of MAAM. DADA. WAH. NO. and EHHHH WHINE. My head hurts typing this.

But she is a lovable, cuddly, sweet little girl when she isn’t crying at my legs or throwing herself on the ground, I promise.


Bacon Ricotta Crostini

Leftover baguette sitting on the kitchen counter and a fresh container of ricotta in the fridge brought me to this crostini. I had some bacon in the fridge, which doesn’t happen very often but it’s now Kaili’s favorite food. Add those things together and drizzle with honey, simple and delicious. Here is a recipe I just found, although you don’t really need a recipe for this, just do what sounds good to you.

Bacon Ricotta Crostini
Bacon Ricotta Crostini

Averi has been eating a lot better these days. I have found that instead of cutting food up into little pieces, she would rather hold bigger pieces and eat away. She can eat as much as her sister in one sitting.


She is getting dangerously close to walking, the milestone might even happen before her first birthday.


Birthday Fiesta!

 I can’t believe my baby is entering toddler hood. Kaili’s Fiesta was a hit and we had some pretty good food: tamales, carnitas, guacamole, rice, beans and for dessert, cupcakes! Recipes coming soon.

I had a blast planning her party, my creative juices have been put on hold since I stopped teaching so this was a fun outlet. I printed her monthly pictures in black and white, used a corner rounder on them and strung them above the table. I struggled with the umbrella topiary, they didn’t turn out like I wanted them too, but they were still cute.  My mom helped me paint her name banner and helped me with the cooking. It was great having a bunch of our friends and family to help with everything and here to celebrate her big day. I love you all!

Kaili had a super fun day, maybe too much fun. She had a hard time winding down and it took a few days to get her back on schedule. I think she’s had enough sugar to last until her 2nd birthday.

Here is a glimpse through photos friends and family took.

Chocolate cupcakes with coconut cream cheese frosting
Red velvet cupcakes
cocktail umbrella topiary

birthday girl!

mmm, sugar is good!
After getting covered in cake she took a dip in her new pool

Happy Birthday to my amazing daughter. Being your mom is the best thing to ever happen to me. I love you more than you will ever know!!



All {in a} Year

6 days! Less than a week and my sweet baby K turns 1-year-old. This has been the longest and shortest year of my life. It seems like just yesterday when Shane and I headed to the hospital to begin the induction process but when I see the pictures of her when she was a few months old and so tiny, it seems like ages ago.

Hardest Days of my Life
So happy to be able to hold you!
We didn't waste any time getting you out of the house.

I look back at the past year fondly {excluding the delivery and recovery} . Kaili has been a happy and easy baby for the most part. I have  heard horror stores about  parents who end up dealing with major sleep issues, food issues, bodily issues, sippy cup issues ect. ect. I think we have had it pretty easy and Shane and I will be the first to admit that when things seem difficult, we really have been lucky. Someone told me once that it’s all a trick to get us to have another one, haha.

She has become such the little lady. She is determined and focused and has become quite the copycat. It’s been amazing to watch her go from this

were you really ever this small?

to this.

I am really looking forward to what the next year brings. I am excited to start our trips to the beach, Sea World and the Zoo. I can’t wait to watch her take it all in.

Someone asked me if parenthood was everything I thought it would be. Yes, yes it is. I was very well prepared to have a baby and I haven’t been surprised by much. But thinking about this more over the past few days, there are a few things I wish I knew before having Kaili.

  • I really really wish someone would have told me I could have insisted on a c-section any time during the 36 hours of labor instead of having to wait until it became an emergency.
  • That finding normal moms to be friends with may prove to be impossible.
  • How many hours I would spend online researching different ailments and the amount of time I will spend worrying about her.
  • That I would still be numb at both incision sites and have sporadic pain when working out a year later.
  • How amazing it is to be able to stay home with her and get to watch her grow and learn in every way.

Happy almost birthday my little love, we are going to do it up big for you!