17 months…Right?

Shane and I were going back and forth on how old Averi was, pretty sure she is 17 months, a year and a half…almost two. How did that happen?

perfectThis girl, that face. She is so loving and cuddly, just what I always wanted, but with that she is also very clingy and emotional. Sometimes I feel that I am never away from her…ever, more so than with Kaili.. There are days where I just want to walk out of the door and say “see ya” be back tonight…but others where I just want to lay with her and breathe her in.

She is a pretty good listener. We didn’t have to do much to keep her away from the Christmas tree, ornaments or presents. She listens when I tell her “no” but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t throw herself on the ground and have herself a little tantrum. She is happy with daddy but when I enter the room, she starts crying and wants to be held. I am sure this is a learned behavior and it sucks and sometimes it sucks the life out of me.

IMG_6721She wants to be like sister, do like sister and have everything that sister has. I took plenty of early childhood education courses and learned how to deal with two children wanting that one thing…Ya, that doesn’t work very well in the house with children of different ages….two of everything (for the most part) is the easiest or laziest answer to that.

Her language is coming along, she doesn’t have too many words but she can express what she wants, or I am just good at guessing. She loves to climb, explore and just run free. Run free into the street…ack! You can’t take your eyes off of her outside, if she isn’t eating something off the ground, she is off to the races down the road.We can not leave the front door open for more than a minute without her heading down the front steps…it’s exhausting.


She has the cutest little laugh and quite the sense of humor. She is learning to put up with big sisters bullying and they are starting to play more together which melts my heart. Nothing makes my heart happier than hearing the two of them laughing.

And at the end of the day, this is my view, simply perfect.


17 Week Bumpdate

I considered skipping this weeks blog post because there isn’t much to say but then I got the amnio results. I will make this a quick one to fill you in. Everything is good under the hood. Chromosomes are as they should be, there are no signs of a nural tube defect and it’s still a girl. I had to ask.

I had my monthly Dr. visit this week as well. The wait was three times as long as the actual appointment and all that happened was I heard the heartbeat and got put on some restrictions.  Due to placenta previa I am now on pelvic rest, no running, no extreme activities and no lifting more than 15 lbs. If I have any bleeding, spotting or contractions that don’t stop with rest I have been directed to head straight to Triage.  Let’s hope we can skip that part this pregnancy.

See, that was painless.

Onwards to 18 weeks.