17 Week Bumpdate

I considered skipping this weeks blog post because there isn’t much to say but then I got the amnio results. I will make this a quick one to fill you in. Everything is good under the hood. Chromosomes are as they should be, there are no signs of a nural tube defect and it’s still a girl. I had to ask.

I had my monthly Dr. visit this week as well. The wait was three times as long as the actual appointment and all that happened was I heard the heartbeat and got put on some restrictions.  Due to placenta previa I am now on pelvic rest, no running, no extreme activities and no lifting more than 15 lbs. If I have any bleeding, spotting or contractions that don’t stop with rest I have been directed to head straight to Triage.  Let’s hope we can skip that part this pregnancy.

See, that was painless.

Onwards to 18 weeks.

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