22 Week Bumpdate

The weeks seem to be flying by but somehow I am only 22 weeks, shouldn’t I be at least 6 months by now?


I had an uneventful Dr. appointment last week, the kind that has me in and out within minutes. I was reminded of my previa, how I should be taking it somewhat easy and what to do if contractions or bleeding start. I said, “don’t worry doc, I got this.”

Baby A is a mover and shaker these days, she seems to be awake all through the night and most of the day, so my future looks bright and sleepy.

Kaili and I spent the week playing, getting her old baby clothes washed and put away, cooking, and of course eating.

I worked hard on this puzzle
Working on fine motor skills


Cuban for dinner

photo 2

I  got a head start on my April culinary bucket list, the recipe was easy and very tasty. Can’t wait to share it with you.

20 Week Bumpdate

20 weeks people, half way! This pregnancy is moving along at a nice speed, being able to move around really helps the days go by a tad quicker.

Baby is the size of a banana, who comes up with these fruits? I am feeling baby A move more each day. Yes, we have settled on a name, no I can’t tell you yet.

I have been feeling great these last couple months, somedays I even forget that I am pregnant. But, the past few days have been met with contractions, the more I have the more uncomfortable they get. They do tend to go away with rest but sometimes they come back while resting…soo…. Anyways, lets just hope they don’t act like a bitch and land me on bed rest.

I have my monthly checkup next week. Seems like forever since I have seen a doctor, so different from when I was pregnant with Kaili.

I still haven’t done ANY shopping for the babe, I really can’t believe it.  I haven’t gone through K’s baby things, put much thought into her nursery or done much of anything now that I think about it. Probably should get on that. Maybe today…


Pregnancy wise I felt a lot better yesterday, thankfully. I got a good nights sleep and tried to take it easy most of the day. Kaili is sick so there isn’t too much we can do anyhow. As soon as I think whatever contractions were happening last weekend are gone bam I get one. I am chalking them up to Braxton Hicks but I’m not exactly sure what I should do, if anything. I know the nurse said to head to the hospital if they came back but having 1 every once in awhile doesn’t warrant hours in Triage…does it? And the fact that I am getting them at night is just plain inconvenient. Advice? I guess I will call the Doc back and see what they suggest.



Kaili has been showing more interest in the potty. She seems to be grasping the concept, when she says she needs to go potty she does. I find that if I initiate it with a timer she gets discouraged so as of now I am following her lead. I need to bite the bullet and pull the diaper but I don’t want to jump the gun either. Advice?

Say What?

Should I start with the good or not so good? Ok the good. How bout them Seahawks? They did a little bit of murdering Sunday and it was a thrill to watch. Our house was booming.

photo 5

I made too much food but it was all delicious. Soft pretzels with cheese sauce…drool, buffalo chicken potato skins, baked jalapeño poppers and Carne asada. To say we ate well was an understatement. We drank [and by we I mean them] delicious wine from Walla Walla, a few from California and a couple from Australia.

Skinny Baked Jalapeño Poppers

*Picture is before they were baked, my bad
photo 1

Closet Cooking:Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins

photo 4

Yammie’s Noshery Copycat Pretzel Recipe

photo 1

photo 2

Drew Bledsoe’s Doubleback Winery

photo 2
2009 Syrah

Saturday I spent the day in the OC with family. After getting home and putting K to bed I noticed I was having what felt like contractions. Contractions? At 14 weeks? I know right?  I had some anxiety so I thought that might have been the cause. They went away a few hours later. I felt fine the next day until later in the afternoon, then they started up again. They lasted longer this time and the longer I had them the more uncomfortable I was feeling. I researched everything I could, which isn’t much because it seems pretty rare. They finally went away and I was able to fall asleep. I called the Doc as soon as I woke up and I anxiously waited a phone call back. When the nurse called she told me that due to my history I need to head to Triage if they came back. It’s probably nothing serious but it could be “super early pre-term labor”. Ahem, excuse me? No way man.

Monday evening came and I started feeling them again but they weren’t too bad so I told myself I was fine. I took it easy, took a bath and fought every reason to go to the hospital. The contractions were not very strong but I started  to feel uncomfortable. Since it is so early on in the pregnancy it’s hard to tell what is what anymore. I have some minor cramping and a dull backache as I write this. I am really hoping this is gone by morning, I’m sure it will be, but if it’s not I will head over to Triage to see what the hell is going on.