20 Week Bumpdate

20 weeks people, half way! This pregnancy is moving along at a nice speed, being able to move around really helps the days go by a tad quicker.

Baby is the size of a banana, who comes up with these fruits? I am feeling baby A move more each day. Yes, we have settled on a name, no I can’t tell you yet.

I have been feeling great these last couple months, somedays I even forget that I am pregnant. But, the past few days have been met with contractions, the more I have the more uncomfortable they get. They do tend to go away with rest but sometimes they come back while resting…soo…. Anyways, lets just hope they don’t act like a bitch and land me on bed rest.

I have my monthly checkup next week. Seems like forever since I have seen a doctor, so different from when I was pregnant with Kaili.

I still haven’t done ANY shopping for the babe, I really can’t believe it.  I haven’t gone through K’s baby things, put much thought into her nursery or done much of anything now that I think about it. Probably should get on that. Maybe today…

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