How am I 40 years old? Not sure I am okay with it, definitely  don’t want to talk about it.


We were lucky enough to escape for a full 24 hours! We being me and Shane, no kids allowed. All that was set in stone was dinner and brunch reservations, the rest was…whatever the hell we wanted.  We checked into our hotel room downtown about 4:00 and then to Little Italy where Brian Malarkey’s latest restaurant aka our dinner reservation was. We started at a wine bar that was packed, luckily we got ourselves a table and a nice long chat with the owner.


The weather was crap, not the day to just stroll from place to place so we needed a game plan. We booked it around the corner to Juniper and Ivy. An amazing restaurant by the brilliant Richard Blais. We cozied up with some wine and just perfect bites of food.

Pork belly at it’s finest!

The worst part or maybe the best part is that I didn’t take more than two pictures. We just enjoyed the night. Looking back I wish I had, and I knew I should but the moment took over that thought, do you feel me?

After a cracking experience at Juniper we headed around the corner to Herb & Wood. The menu is so great that I struggled to choose. I ended up ordering something I would never order, lamb bolognese with fresh pasta. Not going to dive into food reviews, it was good, not great and having been to all of his restaurants I still, hands down think Herringbone is the front runner.

After dinner we Ubured ( is that even a word? ) to a “supposedly” speak easy wine bar with an Alice in Wonderland theme. The idea was fun,  taking the stairs down to a grass wall that was actually a door. We sat at the bar and quickly realized it wasn’t an actual wine bar, more just a bar that had wine. The best part was the TV above us that was recording everyone coming down the outside stairs to the “hidden” doors. People are hilarious.

We moved on, now pretty good and buzzed we wandered into a bar with a live band. It was a good time but we both were ready for bed. I think we were in bed by 11:00 pm. Not bad for 40!

Our Brunch reservations were for 10:30…. I think. Wags picked us up at the hotel and we headed to Old Town to a restaurant we have never been to. The Tequila Factory,  a restaurant in a hotel in the heart of Old Town. We parked underground and it really was a mess trying to find the restaurant.  Once we reached the hostess she said we were 30 minutes late so we had to wait… unless we were okay with a few stairs. Shane looked to Wags’ and then back to the hostess, we told her we would be at the bar.

Finally we were seated out on the patio, the sun decided to show up. We had a good time, the food…eh,  everyone else seemed to be really enjoying it.


A guitarist that has been working there for years  serenaded us for a few songs, one was Stairway to Heaven because Wags.


Our bellies full we strolled through town wondering what we should do next when Old Town Saloon came into focus. An actual  21+ bar and I had never been there. We put money into the jukebox, quarters into the pool table and had a BLAST.


I used to be good at pool, really. But now I am not. Shane won every game. Bullshit! 40 is in the bag!


A Week in Photos

Oh hey, so I passed my glucose test, not that I was worried. Okay maybe I was a tad worried but it’s just because this pregnancy has been going so smoothly that I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe enough shoes dropped last pregnancy and there aren’t any shoes left..?

I have been having fun making things for a birthday party that’s coming up.


Shane has been busy installing solar tubes throughout our house, it’s awesome.




We spent Saturday down in Little Italy visiting my dad and his art at the ArtWalk.



Kaili hard at work on our dinner.



With summer comes the flies and they love to attack us when we are eating outside. DIY bug repellent candles. I will post more on these.

IMG_3580 IMG_3586The girl is all SoCal.



Catching Up Through Photos

We spent the weekend checking out a local roaster, putzing around Little Italy and taking pictures of everyday life. I am happy to say I am almost done with my Christmas shopping and we even hit the beach for Christmas pictures.

My doctor appointment is this morning…duh duh duuuuuh. Fingers crossed everything is good.

I pulled out the felt tree I made Kaili, still fun a year later.


I made this spaghetti squash lasagna without the boats and it was delicious, this recipe is being put on rotation.


Kaili loves making this face because it cracks us up.


Our first time at Bird Rock Roasters in La Jolla, what took us so long?


Another first, we hit up San Diego Cellars downtown. Good wine, nice winemaker, can’t wait to go back when I can have a glass.


For dinner we tried Davanti in Little Italy. We had amazing Ligurian style baked focaccia + fresh soft cow cheese with local honey, crispy pork belly with mustard, cheese filled meatballs and grilled octopus on a warm potato salad.


BabyCakes in Hillcrest is half bakery, half bar, pure brilliance.


Evening walk around Little Italy.


Gearing up for some Football.

IMG_1751 IMG_1757

“Go to sleep Senna!”

IMG_1765 IMG_1768

Pacific Beach pre-sunset.


La Villa {Little Italy}

Last Sunday was the Mission Federal ArtWalk in Little Italy. Every year my dad is there with all of his amazing Plen Air paintings on display. If you haven’t had a chance to check out his art, please do so here.

We took the Trolley down there to check out the scene and say hi to my dad. {but really we went for the food, shh!} If you haven’t been to Little Italy in San Diego, the main street is lined with amazing restaurants. If you are part of our family you will know that  decisions don’t come easily. So when Shane spotted a place we hadn’t been to, he made an executive decision, that’s where we would be eating lunch. We were the first ones there but the place was packed when we left.

La Villa Restaurant

We ordered a few different wood-fired pizzas, a salad and a sandwich. Everyone was very pleased with what they had. I think it was some the best pizza I have had outside of Europe, delish.

Caprese Sandwich
Chino Farms Salad
Margherita Pizza with Prosciutto
Spicy Calabrese with broccolini, goat cheese, ramps and chili’s
Margherita Pizza with Burrata

The Burrata on my pizza was the richest, creamiest, most amazing cheese. I tried to find some at a market down there without luck. Once I do find some I am going to recreate this pizza.

Kaili approves with our choice of restaurant

The Little Italy ArtWalk happens every year on the last weekend of April, aka Kaili’s birthday weekend! So plan ahead and take at trip to Itlay without leaving the country. Stop by Steve Kell’s booth to say Hi, then head over to La Villa for a lunch. { get the Margherita pizza with Burrata! }