A Week in Photos

Oh hey, so I passed my glucose test, not that I was worried. Okay maybe I was a tad worried but it’s just because this pregnancy has been going so smoothly that I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe enough shoes dropped last pregnancy and there aren’t any shoes left..?

I have been having fun making things for a birthday party that’s coming up.


Shane has been busy installing solar tubes throughout our house, it’s awesome.




We spent Saturday down in Little Italy visiting my dad and his art at the ArtWalk.



Kaili hard at work on our dinner.



With summer comes the flies and they love to attack us when we are eating outside. DIY bug repellent candles. I will post more on these.

IMG_3580 IMG_3586The girl is all SoCal.



One thought on “A Week in Photos

  1. Wow! How does Shane know how to do that? I’m impressed. Enjoyed the pictures of Kaile—HappyBirthday ! and the biography of Steve. What a guy!

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