A Week (or 2) in Photos

A few weeks ago we were still having amazing weather. It was so nice that we braved the crowds and hit up SeaPort Village…Too many people!  The line for Surf Santa had to have been 2 + hours long. I would need a gang of people who wanted to take turns holding my place in line while we hopped on the carousel and guzzled adult beverages to ever brave that line.

IMG_5793 FullSizeRender IMG_5798


We took the girls to see the mall Santa. Kali was more excited about the candy cane then she was him, and when asked what she wanted for Christmas she replied “one pink present.”

I paid money for this picture …Shane took a better one with his phone so I need you all to see what money can buy. Awkward smiles and  one unimpressed baby.

{I wonder what shade of hair color Santa uses?}

IMG_5926We spent a good amount of time laying on beds. They had legos that kept Kaili busy for about an hour, best nap of my life.


Averi agreed.



We took the whole clan to La Jolla for our Christmas card shoot. It was messy and the kids were soaked by the end but you’ll be happy with the final outcome. Totally worth 20 minutes of chaos.

IMG_5877 IMG_5871Kali went to her little friends birthday Tea Party. This place was a trip and totally divine. The girls were in their princess dresses, drank tea out of china, ate tea sandwiches and petit fours, fanciest party I have ever been to. Kali was in heaven.

IMG_5919 IMG_5917Kaili is going to be so pissed King Felix got into her candy. ha ha ha.




A Week in Photos

Kaili accidentally dropped her cup of milk on the ground, with a worried look on her face she said “sorry mommy.” I grabbed her, hugged her and told her it’s fine and it wasn’t her fault and then I acted out this scene from Good Will Hunting. I wish you guys could have seen it, I was riveting.

Kaili was invited to one of her little friends birthday party over the weekend. Ariel aka The Little Mermaid made an appearance and now everything is mermaids this and mermaids that. It should last for another 5 minutes and then it will be old news.

IMG_0444 IMG_0440

I managed to get the kids packed up and we hit the road to walk Kaili TO school, first time for everything.



I finally got around to taking Kaili for a haircut. Little Locks in La Jolla is the cutest place, half salon, half toy store. She sat patiently through the whole thing.

photo 1photo 2

This little girl is 7 weeks old today.

photo 3

Kaili assures me she likes her baby. She assists me with every diaper change and smothers her with kisses.

Averi is getting stronger, holding her head up more often. She will give you a smile, if you’re lucky and she even giggled in her sleep which was the cutest thing to date.



A Week in Photos

Whoa, Monday slapped me in the face this morning. I knew it was coming, I was prepared as can be but of course both girls didn’t sleep as well as they normally do. It’s like they know...

If you can believe it, I was a tad hesitant to make a final decision on our embryos. Not that I want to have another child, I don’t even think my Dr. would go for it…but getting rid of them is just so FINAL. But for obvious reasons we did go ahead and donate them to training.



We took Kaili to a little carnival in town. She wanted to go on every ride even though she wasn’t tall enough for the majority of them. Some of the Carnies weren’t strict so she managed to get on more than she probably should have.


And of course she rode a pony, always ride the pony.


We have been walking home from her new school, it sure beats the car.

photo 4

She has the maternal instinct, she is a natural caregiver.



Shane and Gordon fixed the gas leak in our fire pit, now it’s good as new and ready for Fall.


We became wine members at Blue Door Winery. They just opened 6 weeks ago, they are close and kid friendly.

photo 2


This face is getting chubbier by the day.

photo 4


Kaili met a bunny at the car show in National City, she also met a baby chick and a duck. Then somehow she got ahold of an egg and dropped it on her coloring page so we high tailed it out of there.

photo 4



photo 1


It was so nice having Shane home but it’s back to reality. Soon I hope to pack the girls up and head up to Ventura to spend a few days at the beach. I guess for now it’s time to get back into our new routine of life.

A Week in Photos

Between the gorgeous weather, Kaili’s birthday and Shane’s folks in town, we have been busy soaking it all up.

We went down to Seaport Village and I ate some of the best tacos at Puesto. Lobster, filet mignon and fish, I need these in and around my mouth right now.

IMG_3708Kaili getting friendly with a Pirate.



Blue cheese and chocolate. Have you had that flavor combination before? I haven’t. Strangely it worked.


Balloon surprise for the birthday girl.


Minnie Mouse cupcakes for the big day.


One of many.


Getting some good use out of her new playhouse daddy built her.


Sunday brunch.


Shellfish for days.



IMG_3749 IMG_3747

A Week in Photos

Oh hey, so I passed my glucose test, not that I was worried. Okay maybe I was a tad worried but it’s just because this pregnancy has been going so smoothly that I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe enough shoes dropped last pregnancy and there aren’t any shoes left..?

I have been having fun making things for a birthday party that’s coming up.


Shane has been busy installing solar tubes throughout our house, it’s awesome.




We spent Saturday down in Little Italy visiting my dad and his art at the ArtWalk.



Kaili hard at work on our dinner.



With summer comes the flies and they love to attack us when we are eating outside. DIY bug repellent candles. I will post more on these.

IMG_3580 IMG_3586The girl is all SoCal.



A Week in Photos

Easter has finally come and gone. It seems like it lasted an entire week this year, no wait, it did last an entire week.. Kaili had four Easter egg hunts and WAY too much candy.

Hunting goodies at the beach in La Jolla.



It was so much fun she did it again with her class.


Easter goodies from Grandma Sandy


Taking a break from all the fun to have lunch at the airport.


Dying Easter eggs.


Easter Saturday in Coronado. Pancake breakfast, a meeting with the Easter bunny and another egg hunt.

photo IMG_3451 IMG_3471

Of course we can’t forget Easter Sunday. Checking out her loot from the bunny.


One more egg hunt to finish up the holiday.

IMG_3506 IMG_3527

The rest of the day was spent in the hot sun.


Hope you all had a great holiday.

A Week in Photos

Pretty in pink.

photo 1


Visiting the new cleaner fish pool at SeaWorld. Would it be wrong to put our feet in there?

photo 3

“Is this right, mommy?” No honey, it’s not.


Mid-day snack after a dip in the not so hot-tub.

photo 2

Green cooking.

photo 1

She loves them, real or not.

photo 2

Brand spanking new solar panels.


Bubble, bubble, bubble, POP.

photo 2

Nighttime attire.

photo 1