Hanging with my Peeps

I wanted to write something funny about Easter but I really couldn’t find anything humorous about the holiday. Unless Jesus was actually just passed out for three days, that would be funny and totally believable, because if you could turn water into wine, wouldn’t every Friday be good?

We did egg and bunny paintings to hang in our front window.

We had a delicious dinner of grilled rib eyes, arugula, burrata with pears and walnuts with an Orin Swift red blend, not too terrible.

Fun fact; I birthed an expert potato peeler, it’s amazing because she is so anal about it, it had to be perfect which is great because I am the exact opposite, and I hate peeling shit, I will avoid recipes for that reason. So, I will deduct her one month of pregnancy bed rest for her knew found skill.

However, you can’t be good at everything, know what I’m saying?

I mean……

Don’t I know you?

A few weeks back we decided to try a new wine bar. When we were checking in Shawna says to me “the man we met in Puerto Vallarta is sitting outside.” We had met him in the pool and spent the day chatting, he works in travel and we still have his card on our calendar. She went outside and asked if he remembered us. After refreshing his memory he said he did, I don’t don’t think he did. He and his friend invited us to sit with them and we had a nice time, the wine was also good. For dinner we went had French.

We took the girls out to lunch in Old town with the promise of churros as a treat.

We also made the mistake of taking them to mini golf. Kaili was complaining before we even got out of the car. ” I don’t want to golf.” Then they saw the go carts and asked to do that. They complained about the weather, about being thirsty and about who went first and so on. Fun suckers, that is what they were that day.

I will say that out of the three of them, Averi showed the most promise for a future in golf.

Every holiday we all paint. We brainstorm what we are going to paint ahead of time and then we put music on and go for it. It’s a family favorite, there isn’t any fighting, little complaining and the girls look forward to it every time.

During dinner time we always ask the girls “what did you learn? And, what is something kind that you did for someone else?”

Here is Averi in pig.

Sip and Paint

Poor Averi still has a bad cold making nights reminiscent of the newborn days. I have been sneaking into Kaili’s room at all hours of the night to get some quality sleep.

Saturday afternoon all the girls went to Brushes N Brix and we had a blast.

IMG_6072 I was a tad terrified when I found out we were going to be painting trees, unless they’re palm trees, it’s not quite my forte. I wasn’t thrilled with my final project but for the first time it wasn’t terrible. I could totally do this on a regular basis, and the wine truly does help. It numbs the pain when you realize you just fucked up your painting with black paint and makes it easier to just brush it off.

IMG_6074 IMG_6085

Sunday, after taking Kaili for a run in the park headed downtown to sneak in a few wine tastings. We hit a handful of wineries that were new to us and most of them were really good.


We were told to hit Trust Cellars by a couple of ladies and it was the best decision we made all day. We loved everything about this winery, we quickly became wine members.

Trust Cellars
Trust Cellars

We ended the day at a friends house. Telling stories over wine and football, we had a great time. ( HOW BOUT THEM HAWKS!!)

We did a Pepsi/Coke challenge with three syrah’s, one being a San Diego county wine and it held up like a champ against some very delicious Washington wines.

IMG_6120I guess it’s time to start getting ready for Christmas. I am not even done wrapping, are you?

The Artist In You

Do you ever stare at your child and think “what the hell am I going to do with you today? No? Well when that day happens you can thank me then.

Art Activities 

Art should be a fun, open-ended process. Meaning do not expect them to produce a finished art product. I will admit it’s sometimes fun to have a craft that a child can put together  that looks oh so cute hanging on the fridge, but that is different than creative art. There shouldn’t be any rules aside from not throwing paint and the obvious don’t color on the walls crap, just make sure that you are giving the child age appropriate tools.

Give them an environment for active exploration and  their brains will grow.

Dot Art

Dot markers {or bingo markers} can easily be found at a teachers supply store and maybe even Target these days.Unlike markers with a narrow pointed tip, bingo markers have larger round heads. I caution that their surface is fragile and can easily ruined if children pound on them or pick at them. For a change take them outside. Hang a piece of butcher paper on the fence and let them create all day. Use them on coffee filters or paper towels for a different effect.



Paint brush and/or hand painting

Some children love to get messy and some don’t. Mine teeters a fine line between both. With gentle encouragement Kaili was soon painting her hand and getting into it.

IMG_20130508_081417 IMG_20130508_081530

Wet chalk & dry paper {Mark making}

Mark making is a term used to refer to the variety of artistic moves that young children make.

Mark making or scribbling is important both in itself and as practice for later writing and drawing. I love chalk activities, their are so many extensions. However wet chalk or chalk in any form can get messy so I think it’s a great one to take outdoors.

IMG_20130513_161623 IMG_20130513_161654

Making prints

Printing is an extension of painting, it involves less whole-arm activity and greater concern for placement and overall design. I really saw this in Kaili this last time, she was very careful about finding an “open” spot for her next print. You can use anything for printing. Blocks, puzzle pieces, cups, vegetables,utensils, balls, toy animals, cars, shoes…anything.

IMG_20130510_093819 IMG_20130510_094354

Remember art need not be restricted indoors, it’s a great activity to have available to the children while they are playing outside. If you don’t like the mess, give them a paint brush and a bucket of water and let them paint their surrounding, [the ground, bricks, trees, or rocks} with water.

Painting With Pom Poms

Painting with craft pom poms is a lot like painting with cotton balls but the poms hold up a lot better in paint. If you use a clothespin you save little fingers from getting drenched in paint. The choice to use them is yours, some kids like it getting messy, some moms don’t.

Pinch a pom pom with a clothespin..


I put out primary colors so we could talk about the colors in the rainbow, a lot easier then putting out 6 separate colors.

IMG_20130408_152800 IMG_20130408_152849

This was a fun activity to do. K got excited when the colors “changed” once I helped her mix them.


The pom poms leave a sponge paint look. I dig it!


Heart Printing

Printing with cookie cutters is perfect for little hands. Easy to grab and manipulate plus fun to do. I gave K one heart cookie cutter and one color which she got to choose. A little later I let her choose one more color to add, she chose white {I would have chosen pink} what does she know?




Once she showed signs of being close to done, I gave her a paintbrush to extend this activity.