The Artist In You

Do you ever stare at your child and think “what the hell am I going to do with you today? No? Well when that day happens you can thank me then.

Art Activities 

Art should be a fun, open-ended process. Meaning do not expect them to produce a finished art product. I will admit it’s sometimes fun to have a craft that a child can put together  that looks oh so cute hanging on the fridge, but that is different than creative art. There shouldn’t be any rules aside from not throwing paint and the obvious don’t color on the walls crap, just make sure that you are giving the child age appropriate tools.

Give them an environment for active exploration and  their brains will grow.

Dot Art

Dot markers {or bingo markers} can easily be found at a teachers supply store and maybe even Target these days.Unlike markers with a narrow pointed tip, bingo markers have larger round heads. I caution that their surface is fragile and can easily ruined if children pound on them or pick at them. For a change take them outside. Hang a piece of butcher paper on the fence and let them create all day. Use them on coffee filters or paper towels for a different effect.



Paint brush and/or hand painting

Some children love to get messy and some don’t. Mine teeters a fine line between both. With gentle encouragement Kaili was soon painting her hand and getting into it.

IMG_20130508_081417 IMG_20130508_081530

Wet chalk & dry paper {Mark making}

Mark making is a term used to refer to the variety of artistic moves that young children make.

Mark making or scribbling is important both in itself and as practice for later writing and drawing. I love chalk activities, their are so many extensions. However wet chalk or chalk in any form can get messy so I think it’s a great one to take outdoors.

IMG_20130513_161623 IMG_20130513_161654

Making prints

Printing is an extension of painting, it involves less whole-arm activity and greater concern for placement and overall design. I really saw this in Kaili this last time, she was very careful about finding an “open” spot for her next print. You can use anything for printing. Blocks, puzzle pieces, cups, vegetables,utensils, balls, toy animals, cars, shoes…anything.

IMG_20130510_093819 IMG_20130510_094354

Remember art need not be restricted indoors, it’s a great activity to have available to the children while they are playing outside. If you don’t like the mess, give them a paint brush and a bucket of water and let them paint their surrounding, [the ground, bricks, trees, or rocks} with water.

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