2 Years Old

Gasp, what has happened to the past 6 months, wasn’t it  just Christmas?

We had her two year old well-check and stats are in. Weighing in at 21 lbs. and just under 3 ft, Kaili is a long ways away from a professional career in wrestling. She is low in weight but nothing dire, she just gets to keep on keeping on with the whole milk and fatty foods. Foods we wish we could eat, ya know?


She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. She can say “mick” sometime she will add the “ey” but not always. She will start chanting “mick, mick, mick, mick” in the car once she senses we are getting close to the house. It’s bad y’all.


She drinks milk and water only, except for juice, wine and beer on occasions. Just kidding, let’s keep CPS out of this. Her grandpa did put water in a beer bottle and gave it to her…in public. I can just imagine the head shaking, and judgement going on if anyone saw. It was short lived.


She is a good eater, but not a big eater. She still favors berries and pasta and turns her head at most meat. She digs clam chowder and cheese, all sorts of cheese. Oh and french fries with ketchup or  I should say ketchup with french fries, that is more accurate. She loves that shit.


Bedtime is 6:30, wake up is 6:30. She goes  down for nap around 11:30/12 and sleeps for an hour and a half, 97% of the time. Since she starts school in a month, all of this will change and I will push nap and bedtime forward an hour. Love my alone time at night but also love the later wake up, can’t decide which one I like better.

The house is quiet once again. All of our visitors have gone back home and my houseguest Kiah has left the nest. On my own again, but since I start work soon I will cherish this time with her. Every.Single.Second. Even when I am tired of changing all her diapers and feeding her all her meals and giving her all her baths. I will remember how lucky I am to be home with her all day, everyday. Can’t get tired of looking at this face.


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