This Weather

We have had a good run with the weather lately and yes I am bragging. My winter tan is coming along nicely, thanks for asking.

We have been spending time outdoors with friends, playing, eating and just enjoying life.


A friend and I took our girls to Seaport Village for a Sunday Funday. We ate ice cream, rode the carousel and enjoyed the day.


Kaili’s class had a field trip ton probably the best day of weather ever. I volunteered to help, my friend and I had a small group of girls to chaperone for a day at the San Diego zoo.


I think we made a lot of ground, saw a lot of animals in the day. But it was hot and the girls   ended up just wanting to be done walking and to see the petting zoo.


So we hiked our way through the treetops to get them all safely to the petting zoo, which is really just some goats…..but they were happy.


We spent the last 30 minutes of the day playing on the playground and eating churros and then the kids were whisked away via bus and us adults went on our way. It was exhausting but so fun!

Averi and I have our new shopping routine. We head to Hillcrest where we can hit Trader Joes and Ralphs in a one-stop shop.


She loves the ride up!

Then we spent the entire weekend in the sun, in the warmtub and just loving these sunny days.


Averi wasn’t her normal self Monday and she ended coming down with some stomach bug. But on the tail end of it we landed at the park for a couple of hours,  I almost lost my daughter to the sandman.


I hear it’s supposed to rain next week. Good thing I have a head start on my sunning!


Hawaiian Poke

We took the kids to the beach park in La Jolla last week. It was sunny but cold and the wind had a mind of it’s own, so did the damm seagulls. But it was beautiful out.


There was a flock of thieves stealing snacks from our hands, so brazen they probably would have landed on our heads for just a nibble of whatever we were eating. They even took sunscreen and wipes out of our bags, but quickly dropped them when they realized it wasn’t the goods they wanted. Kaili wasn’t having any of it, she would run after them, screaming and arms flailing but they were unfazed. Tucking our stuff away and making sure all was zipped up, we headed down to the water.

fullsizerender-1img_1338The younger one decided she was done and wanted to head back up to dry land. Probably one of the hardest parts of parenting multiple children, keeping track of children wanting to go separate ways. We dredged back up to the boardwalk  where we stopped and attempted a few pictures, this was the best.

There is nothing like getting home from the beach, your skin is sun-kissed, your hair has that sea salt texture and your skin has a hint of saltiness. I love the coast and I love seafood and that night I wanted fish, raw fish, good raw fish….like a delicious Poké.

Saturday morning we headed to our local wholesale seafood market. We bought some A. Apples, B. Bananas….just kidding. Does anyone else remember that car game? No, great, moving on.

Tuna, sushi grade tuna, Big Eye tuna to be exact.I haven’t worked with fresh raw tuna before. It’s been only the past few years that I have had some really good Poké, trying it at random but appropriate restaurants if you catch my drift. As time went on I really wanted to try and make it myself but the Mr. isn’t a fan, so I needed the right timing to make it for someone other than myself. After our beach day this was the time.


I wanted it to sit for at least 3 hours before it was served. I based my recipe off what I love most in a Poké, soy, sesame and onion in the leading cast. After a little recipe hunting I had decided on a final ingredient list.


Now, if you don’t cook often a lot of these ingredients might seem daunting  or maybe they are items you don’t normally have in your pantry. For me,  they are staples, I just needed to pick up a sweet onion and macadamia nuts, this was an easy shopping list for me. Simple to throw together, no recipe, just my thoughts. The final product made me proud, really proud. This was probably the best I have had and I never say that lightly, especially when I’m the one in the kitchen.




1 lb. sushi grade tuna

1/4 cups small slices of sweet onion

1 green onion, chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced

2 tsp. black sesame seeds, toasted

1 Tbs. macadamia nuts, roasted and salted, chopped

1 Tbs dark soy sauce

2 Tbs light soy sauce

1/2 Tbs. Mirin

1 tsp. chili garlic sauce

2 Tbs sesame oil

Kosher salt to taste

* I made a Wasabi drizzle with a little mayo, wasabi powder and lemon juice. All to taste. I put the mixture into a sandwich bag, snipped the end off and piped it on top. If you like it spicy and the flavor of wasabi I recommend you give it a go!


Slice the tuna into 1 inch cubes and place into a non reactive bowl aka glass.

Add all the other ingredients and mix. Cover tightly and let hang out for a couple of hours. Serve over rice, wonton crisps or just dig in with your hands.




A Reason to Cook

I gazpacho you a recipe. I’ve been holding out of you. I found the best recipe for gazpacho, seriously. It’s from Food and Wine and it’s called Gazpacho on Fire. Basically you throw all the veg on a roasting pan and once it’s nice and charred you peel, seed and throw it in a food processor with a few other goodies.


It really is one of the best I have had and perfect for these hot days.


We’ve been beating the heat by heading to the bay early in the morning. The playground has sand and the sprinklers are on providing perfect sand castle material.




We had a low key weekend which was really nice but Kaili is getting stir crazy. I thought that since her first day of school was before Labor day that she was starting early, but  compared to other kids in CA she is one of the last…and I’m jealous. I’m ready, she’s ready and I think even Averi’s ready.



The One With An Ultrasound Photo

Kaili is starting to grasp the concept that there is a baby in my belly, well when she wants to that is. She started talking to to my stomach, “hello baby”. I told her that when the baby gets bigger she can talk to it all the time and maybe sometimes she will see it move. She then said, “open tummy”, in due time kid.


The nausea pills seemed to make a lot of difference yesterday, in a good way. Now if it just goes away on its own here in a couple weeks, oh who am I kidding a couple weeks is TOO LONG to want to puke all day. I would rather not have to take anything at all but whatever works, am I right?

With my moms help I was able to do some purging around the house aka make room for baby and since the weather has been just lovely we spent some time at the park. Speaking of purging, did you ever see that movie The Purge? Creepy!

I have a first trimester blood screen test Friday, still have to find out if the MaterniT21 blood test is covered by our insurance, need to make an appointment with my Perinatologist and maybe take a trip to “Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.” See what I did there?

photo 1 photo 3

Hi Santa

It has been almost two months since Kaili got her last bad cold and she still can’t shake the stupid cough and runny nose. Then last Friday she randomly woke up from nap with a 101 degree fever. Luckily it didn’t really seem to affect her attitude or appetite and then poof, it was gone. We hung low during the weekend hoping to keep at bay whatever bug was trying to get her and that has seemed to help. Although our weekend was low-key, Sunday night TV was not. Are you watching Homeland? Isn’t  it   ridiculous how good it is? Well written, well acted and plain “edge of your seat” tense all the way through. Amazing. Anyway, back to K, this week she seems to be just fine and I have been able to drag her to the gym with me, you know, just in time for her to catch something right before our trip.

She has been SUPER clingy with me lately, especially in the late afternoon-early evenings. Since she seems to deteriorate around 3:00 we get to the gym as soon as it opens so she is in the best mood possible. Today when I picked her up I could tell she hadn’t been crying and she was entertaining  herself with toys. A lot of times she wants to be held by one of the care-givers, so it was nice to see. When she saw me, she started running my way but then she stopped and looked at the toy in her hand, she ran back to put it on the shelf and then made her way to me. The fact that she did that without anyone asking her made my heart smile.

We had to postpone taking our X-mas card pics last Friday due to Kaili’s fever and now the weather has been threatening rain. Who knows how the pictures will end up now.

Since it hasn’t actually rained we have still been able to  hit the park every day.

IMG_20121203_151923IMG_20121202_133537 IMG_20121202_134648

We also got out to the mall to see Santa. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go since she has been attached to my hip lately but she did fine. There weren’t any tears but there weren’t any smiles either.



We have been talking about Santa, reading Christmas stories and listening to Christmas videos to prep her for the visit. She seemed really excited when I told her who we were going to see but the elation diminished once we walked into his little house. She walked up to him and waved but once she was on his lap and I backed away she was a little nervous. I must say the entire thing was underwhelming. I mean a child should either be super excited to see Santa, or completely terrified. Where is all the fun?