Hi Santa

It has been almost two months since Kaili got her last bad cold and she still can’t shake the stupid cough and runny nose. Then last Friday she randomly woke up from nap with a 101 degree fever. Luckily it didn’t really seem to affect her attitude or appetite and then poof, it was gone. We hung low during the weekend hoping to keep at bay whatever bug was trying to get her and that has seemed to help. Although our weekend was low-key, Sunday night TV was not. Are you watching Homeland? Isn’t  it   ridiculous how good it is? Well written, well acted and plain “edge of your seat” tense all the way through. Amazing. Anyway, back to K, this week she seems to be just fine and I have been able to drag her to the gym with me, you know, just in time for her to catch something right before our trip.

She has been SUPER clingy with me lately, especially in the late afternoon-early evenings. Since she seems to deteriorate around 3:00 pm.so we get to the gym as soon as it opens so she is in the best mood possible. Today when I picked her up I could tell she hadn’t been crying and she was entertaining  herself with toys. A lot of times she wants to be held by one of the care-givers, so it was nice to see. When she saw me, she started running my way but then she stopped and looked at the toy in her hand, she ran back to put it on the shelf and then made her way to me. The fact that she did that without anyone asking her made my heart smile.

We had to postpone taking our X-mas card pics last Friday due to Kaili’s fever and now the weather has been threatening rain. Who knows how the pictures will end up now.

Since it hasn’t actually rained we have still been able to  hit the park every day.

IMG_20121203_151923IMG_20121202_133537 IMG_20121202_134648

We also got out to the mall to see Santa. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go since she has been attached to my hip lately but she did fine. There weren’t any tears but there weren’t any smiles either.



We have been talking about Santa, reading Christmas stories and listening to Christmas videos to prep her for the visit. She seemed really excited when I told her who we were going to see but the elation diminished once we walked into his little house. She walked up to him and waved but once she was on his lap and I backed away she was a little nervous. I must say the entire thing was underwhelming. I mean a child should either be super excited to see Santa, or completely terrified. Where is all the fun?

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