No Hidden Fees

I was informed yesterday that our monthly embryo storage went up. Something I am sure we knew was going to happen but when it happens it’s like “what the hell?” When we were told this at the beginning of our journey with IVF we were focusing on the task at hand, getting pregnant. I mean, we didn’t even know if we were  going to have any leftover embryos to store.  How long does one keep  paying to store these babies? For us, whom can’t get pregnant naturally {watch, after I post this I end up pregnant. Ha, bad joke.}, these embryos are our only ticket to having another child but how long do we keep them for? There has to come a time when are done having babies, we aren’t getting any younger.

Shane and I talk a lot about should we or shouldn’t we have another child, well actually that’s not true. He is ready for another, me well you know about me. Why in the hell would I want to go through that shit storm again and it’s so easy with just one. And if he continues to travel for work, I would be doing it alone during the week.

We also bounced around the idea of gender testing. The option is at our fingertips, why not choose? I am sure a lot of you are shaking your head and thinking, “who does that?” Well not these people {points thumbs at chest} If we do decide on #two  we would not do the gender testing so chill out.

So why this post? To tell you we have to pay more in storage fees,not exactly. We have  have come to a decision on whether or not to try for another child but I can not tell you what that decision is…at this time! <—–mean, huh?

Here is a cute video of K dancing. Sorry about my {loud} annoying voice,ugh.

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