Growth Spurt at 19 Months

I just want to say thank you to all of you that read about what I have to say here. I know it’s not all edge of your seat, gripping literature but it is what it is, like a little ma and pa shop. The blog hit over 11,000 views yesterday, that’s kind of sweet. If any of you have blogs, put your link in the comments and I would love to follow you.

As you know we have been trying to beef up Kaili per our Dr.’s orders. I have gotten a lot of good advice from friends {thank you} I don’t know if it’s a growth spurt, pure coincidence or that I actually stretched her stomach {<– can that really happen?} with all the smoothies and Carnation good-start breakfasts’ but her appetite has grown. She has actually been asking to eat more often and refusing to let me take her high chair tray away. I got her to eat tuna and eggs, both of which she denied in the past. Good sign people.

I thought she was ready to transition to one nap a day since she was fighting bed time the past few nights. Nope not yet, to my dismay she still wants her dual naps. I did push her bedtime back a little allowing her some playtime before nighttime videos. Yep, she gets to watch a handful of  short learning videos or songs before her bath. So far, that is making a difference and she is going straight down without a peep. Maybe the whole thing was a growth spurt, 18 going on 19 months.

Tomorrow we are heading out to take her Christmas pictures, fingers crossed the weather participates. I may as well get her pictures with Santa out of the way too,  since it’s been December for like…ever. Just for the record, I do not like Thanksgiving arriving so early, screws everything up.

19 months today

pondering life
SO stinkin cute!

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