Farewell Kindergarten


Well that was quick wasn’t it? Doesn’t seem very long ago that we walked her to school for the first day of Kindergarten. She loved it, made great friends and had wonderful teachers. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off the elementary years.


I won’t lie, having her in school from 9:am -3:45 pm everyday was pretty sweet. So now having her home all day is going to be an interesting challenge. I might  will have to call in my trusty helper wine to make the days go by a little easier. In reality it should be a pretty good summer with a nice break from the mundane as we take a trip up to Washington state…..For more wine!

I made the teachers a fun little gift bag that I’ve had saved on my Pinterest board for years. I am finally finding a reason to make some of these cute gift ideas.


Inside I put a beach towel, sunscreen, chapstick, coconut body wipes, a fruit infuser water bottle, a magazine and a bottle of rosé.

We have enrolled Kaili back in swim lessons and although she’s only been to two of them so far, I am definitely seeing improvements. We’ve got to get this girl to swim or at least not drown, that is a great start.


And to kick off summer, I took her to the salon for a new haircut.

Taking a few inches off and adding layers, I think it looks great. She is now ready for hot sunshiney days

The Party

Kaili’s birthday party was a success. Thanks to family I have some pictures to share with you because I didn’t take more than one. Too much on this gals plate and by the time the party came, I was WIPED.

The party was loosely themed around Minnie Mouse so I made Minnie Mouse cupcakes that I saw on Pinterest. These are SO cute that they deserve a blog post all their own.


I also made a Minnie head out of styrafoam balls, also something I saw on…you guessed it, Pinterest.


We kept the food simple ordering pizza’s from Luigi pizzeria and a cake from the local store.


I made a big batch of Sangria for all the lucky ones that can partake in adult beverages and that was about the extent of it. We enjoyed the company of our friends and family and Kaili seemed to enjoy every minute of the day being all about her.


DSC_2646 DSC_2625 DSC_0060


I can’t believe we will have 2 birthdays to celebrate next year.

Weekly Favorites

I have amazing neighbors, actually they are more friends with neighbor benefits.  Many wonderful things come with having such great people living next door to you. The only downside is that it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, if I decide that it’s time to take off my bra and get halfway naked, they will surely come over. Happens. Every. Single. Time.

Great neighbors are a favorite in my life but here are some more.

Favorite Recipe- Hold the phone, blackberries on a pizza with burrata? So you’re saying it’s going to be amazing? Yes please!

Favorite Recipe #2 – There is no way this pizza isn’t delicious, caramelized onions, gruyere, plus pepper bacon. GASP. No way! She makes amazing food.


Favorite DIY-  Life size lincoln logs made from pool noodles!  Love this idea. Unfortunately the link to the pin didn’t work but we got this!


Favorite DIY {Halloween style}- Dammit, so brilliant!


Favorite Funny-  Shane would have something to say about this.


Favorite Photo- I just couldn’t stop laughing at this.


Favorite Destination- I have been trying to talk the Mr. into heading to Hawaii for Christmas. But if I am hoping to be pregnant by then, then maybe I should be reconsidering? {Wait…what?  Stay tuned for more on that!} This hotel isn’t too shabby.


Weekly Favorites

Does this ever happen to you?

I am not sure if Pinterest is a blessing or a curse these days. Once I get on, I can’t get off and before I know it I have a menu planned for the week, and the upcoming holiday…sigh.

Favorite Photo– How cute is this lil’ guy?

Favorite Recipe– This lemon loaf cake looks So delicious. I might have to make it on our vacation this week.

Favorite DIYThese Scrabble tile magnets. Clever!

Favorite Funny-

Favorite DestinationHallstatt, Austria

Favorite Quote

Halloween [Pin]spiration

1 week until Halloween. Did you make all the crafty decorations you wanted? How about those cute pumpkin cupcakes? No? Well you have time so here are some fun ideas.

For the Children’s Halloween Party

Spider Eggs

Source: keentobeseen.blogspot.com

Mummy Juice Boxes

Source: landee See, Landee Do

{Very Simple }Jack O Lantern Mandarin Oranges

Source: Pimp My Dinner

Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treat

Source: Grin and Bake it

Witch Broomsticks

Source: Cocinandocon CatMan

For the Adult Halloween Party

Ginger Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

Source: The Outlaw Mom

Pumpkin Seed Brittle

Source: Joy of Baking

Black Widow Martini

Source: Hostess with the Mostess

Black Widow Goat Cheese Log

Source: Food and Wine

Dexter Blood Slide Suckers

Source: Forkable

DIY Decorations

Mummy Pumpkin

Source: BHG

BOO Balloons

Source: Martha Stewart

Ghosts In The Yard

Source: Inspiring Pretty

Glitter Pumpkin

Source: HGTV

Do It, For The WOW Factor!

Black Cat Cookies

Source: Gescmack

Incognito Pumpkins

Source: Etsy

Black Cat Paw Cookies

Source: Martha Stewart

Skull Cupcakes

Source: Instructables

Halloween Hoot Owl Cupcakes

Source: Land O Lakes