The Party

Kaili’s birthday party was a success. Thanks to family I have some pictures to share with you because I didn’t take more than one. Too much on this gals plate and by the time the party came, I was WIPED.

The party was loosely themed around Minnie Mouse so I made Minnie Mouse cupcakes that I saw on Pinterest. These are SO cute that they deserve a blog post all their own.


I also made a Minnie head out of styrafoam balls, also something I saw on…you guessed it, Pinterest.


We kept the food simple ordering pizza’s from Luigi pizzeria and a cake from the local store.


I made a big batch of Sangria for all the lucky ones that can partake in adult beverages and that was about the extent of it. We enjoyed the company of our friends and family and Kaili seemed to enjoy every minute of the day being all about her.


DSC_2646 DSC_2625 DSC_0060


I can’t believe we will have 2 birthdays to celebrate next year.

3 thoughts on “The Party

  1. What a nice party for Kaili. And the cupcakes look so pretty. I have a feeling her Mom made them, no? Yes, parties are exhausting for the hostess but worth it to see how much they are enjoyed. Happy birthday to Kaili again. It’s great to be 3!

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