Hello strangers, happy new year! I hope everyone had a great one and isn’t sick or drowning in rain…or both.

I left you with the best snickerdoodle cookie recipe and then ghosted you for the holidays.

Christmas eve had us cookie decorating, baking and prepping for Christmas day feasting.

The kitchen was busy, we made an eggnog cake, the ‘can’t have Christmas without sherry cake’, and creme de menthe brownies.

I also made this farro salad with apple, parmesan and arugula. You guys, this salad really is the best.

The girls had to wait until 7:00 AM on Christmas morning, how terrible of us huh?

Once we were cozied up and had coffee in hand, we started the festivities.

Halfway through the carnage we broke for breaky. and then we continued with the mayhem.

Out of everything Kaili opened, I think this was her favorite, sigh.

Her relationship with spicy chips is on another level.

Later that morning the family came over….. and with a baby black lab in tow.

This is Pluto, isn’t he the cutest?

Casey and Aileen were puppy sitting for a friend, and I can say that Pluto gave us all dog fever, well everyone except Shawna, pfft.

We spent the day opening more gifts, eating, playing games and saying “no” to the girls asking for a dog every other minute.

My dad and Casey put together Averi’s new Rainbow High doll house.

We played Right Left Center and Kaili won.

It was a great Christmas spent with all my people!

Those five days between Christmas and New Years is big question mark. No one knows what day it is or what they are supposed to be doing, it’s like existing in confusion.

I took the girls to Coronado for an afternoon.

We had a delicious lunch, enjoyed a walk along the water, more puppy love and some swimming.

The weather was perfect until the sun went down, and then it was time to head home and warm the bones.

Puppy Love

Kaili is still sick. She still has a fever, is terribly congested and has ugly cough. Saturday afternoon I bit the bullet and took her to urgent care just to ease my mind. I was worrying and haven’t been able to sleep through the night without checking on her a handful of times. Luckily it’s nothing major, just a bad cold and some laryngitis.


Do you know what makes any sick kid feel better? Puppies! We were pleasantly surprised when our next door neighbors got themselves a new addition.  Meet Roxy, you will be seeing a lot of her!


She is the sweetest thing. Kaili is happy to have a new playmate.

Kaili ready to throw the Frisbee for Banner 9-28-13 IMG_20130926_134436 IMG_20130926_134444 Roxy takes the toy 9-28-13