Puppy Love

Kaili is still sick. She still has a fever, is terribly congested and has ugly cough. Saturday afternoon I bit the bullet and took her to urgent care just to ease my mind. I was worrying and haven’t been able to sleep through the night without checking on her a handful of times. Luckily it’s nothing major, just a bad cold and some laryngitis.


Do you know what makes any sick kid feel better? Puppies! We were pleasantly surprised when our next door neighbors got themselves a new addition.  Meet Roxy, you will be seeing a lot of her!


She is the sweetest thing. Kaili is happy to have a new playmate.

Kaili ready to throw the Frisbee for Banner 9-28-13 IMG_20130926_134436 IMG_20130926_134444 Roxy takes the toy 9-28-13

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