Knee Scopes and Viruses

A year ago I hurt my knee while stretching. I was in a lunge position when the mat moved underneath me during a transition. Not sure what exactly happened but the pain was instant. I nursed it for a couple weeks and although it never got really swollen, it was painful to put weight on it. I went to the doctor and he didn’t think I did anything serious so he suggested physical therapy. After months of “rest” and physical therapy I still couldn’t fully straighten my knee, I definitely couldn’t kick out that leg and it really hurt if I accidentally stepped wrong or one of my kids tried to put their weight on it while I was sitting straight legged. Long story short, I switched doctors and ended up getting a second opinion and finally a year later had arthoscopy on it.


I have my post-op appointment this Friday. The swelling is way down…

48 hours post op


8 days post op

It’s going to take some time and daily PT exercises to get my full range of motion back, let’s hope I am as good as new sooner than later.

The kids had a rough time adjusting to my recovery. I was told to stay off my feet for a few days so that left Shane and my parents doing all the things. Averi had meltdowns over anything, especially when she wanted to me carry her around and Kaili had tears before school and swimming. I was surprised they had such a hard time but just when things were getting back to routine or so I thought, Averi got sick.


She was beyond cranky, fever out of nowhere, extra long naps…all she wanted was for me to hold her…ALL DAY LONG and sometimes that wasn’t soothing her either. I had no idea what was wrong, she didn’t have a runny nose or a cough. I started to think I should make a Dr. appointment just to ease my mind. Then Sunday morning, I gave the inconsolible Averi a bath and that’s when I noticed little sores dotting her ankles. The closer I looked the more I saw.  I hollered to Shane “hey, Google Hand Foot Mouth disease” and while he was reading me what he found, I knew that is what she had.

The past few days have been a doozy, the poor girl has sores in her mouth on her butt, legs and around her mouth and looks like this a lot of the time.


After messaging our pediatrician, doing some research and asking other mommies I realized there wasn’t too much I could do. It’s a virus that has to run it’s course while I do my best to keep her comfortable.

Kaili seems just fine for now, fingers crossed and double crossed this stops with Averi. I disinfected the whole house, washed ALL the sheets and blankets, got new toothbrushes  and do my best to keep Averi’s mouth away from everything. One day at a time!

Don’t Make Me

I was the last in the family to get hit with the cold and every.single.ounce of my energy has been sucked out of me. Four days and I don’t feel any better, when will it end?!

Kaili has been asking to go to the park everyday and everyday that sounds like the absolute worst idea, insert terrible mom here. Feeling guilty, I somehow gathered all my energy and worked on some crafts with the girls to make up for it.

Kaili worked on a marshmallow bunny, eating more than she glued. I had to refill the bowl a few times.


Averi would sneak up, take one off the paper and pop it into her mouth before anything could be done.



We also made Easter bunny headbands. My preschool teacher talents are wasting away so I figured I should put them to work. Kaili said she would help me but really she watched cartoons while demanding more food.


I got a letter from her school stating that Thursday was their big Dr. Seuss party. They want us to make something “Suessical” for lunch. Wait, I just made 25 Red Fish, Blue Fish cupcakes for Dr. Suess’ birthday, and I don’t feel good, wah-waaa can I get a pass?


In the midst of searching Pinterest for Suess like foods and creative outfits, it dawned on my that Sunday is Easter…What the holy hell?  While boiling eggs I decided to test run a hair-style on Kaili. Kicking and screaming aside, I think I can get this to work.


It’s a Minnie mouse bow, not Dr. Suess but seriously it’s cute!

Now I have to spend the afternoon making some sort of silly snack that the kids probably won’t even eat because it looks funny. But on the plus side, soccer is canceled which means I can stay home in my sweats with snot dripping down my nose and nobody is going to care, there is a Jesus.

Weekend Things

Oh man you guys, Averi is sick, really sick AGAIN. Towards the end of last week she showed signs of a cold and every day she has gotten worse. I took her into the Dr. yesterday worried about RSV. Her breathing was faster than normal, a tad labored and her cough very wet. The doc says she has Bronchiolitis so they took her pulse ox aka tested her oxygen levels in her blood. The results were good so we went home and  I felt a whole lot better. The past few days have been rough but she should start to get better within the week.

IMG_0984Sunday was fun, the game was great until the last 30 seconds when all our hopes and dreams were crushed….okay let’s not talk about it.

IMG_0987I have made about 7 new recipes over the past few weeks, I will have to share them with you. But now, Averi is asleep so I need to take advantage of that.

6 Months Stalling

I have a 6 month blog post written and waiting but for Averi’s half birthday she was given another bottom tooth and a bad cold. It’s the type of cold that came on really slow and gets worse each day. Yesterday she developed a cough which kept us up most of the night. So before I post about how amazing she is and all, I want to make sure she gets through this and returns to her awesome self and that her wonderful sleep habits return because lately it’s been a tad challenging and I am tired.


Right now she is happily playing in her exersaucer allowing me a few minutes to write this because honestly by the time K goes to bed I watch one show and then head to bed, I gotta take what I can get.

Saturday, Kaili  started complaining about her ear hurting. This is new, she has never had an earache before so I was semi-concerned. When it wasn’t gone Monday I took her into the Dr. I assumed it was associated with her cold but it turns out she has Swimmers ear. Must have been all the mermaid action in the bathtub. We have been putting some prescription drops in her ear and three days later it’s already getting better. If you have had Swimmers ear before than you know how painful it can be, poor thing.

"what ear hurts?"
“which ear hurts?”

There ya have it, our exciting life thist past week. Averi has her 6 month well check tomorrow, thankfully and hopefully she will kick this cold sooner than later. Once she is snot free I will take her 6 month photos for all to see. I am off to wipe a nose.



Puppy Love

Kaili is still sick. She still has a fever, is terribly congested and has ugly cough. Saturday afternoon I bit the bullet and took her to urgent care just to ease my mind. I was worrying and haven’t been able to sleep through the night without checking on her a handful of times. Luckily it’s nothing major, just a bad cold and some laryngitis.


Do you know what makes any sick kid feel better? Puppies! We were pleasantly surprised when our next door neighbors got themselves a new addition.  Meet Roxy, you will be seeing a lot of her!


She is the sweetest thing. Kaili is happy to have a new playmate.

Kaili ready to throw the Frisbee for Banner 9-28-13 IMG_20130926_134436 IMG_20130926_134444 Roxy takes the toy 9-28-13

The One About The Sick Kid

Oh, where do I begin? Puke, throw up, puke, throw up…yep, that sums it up. Kaili got hit with the “ick” out of nowhere Saturday. She was her jolly old self but after nap she was a little slow. Slow in the tired sense not in the….well you know what I am saying. Then out it came, flying from her mouth like it had a score to settle. Yuck!  And then she was fine. This continued for two days until the fever hit and then she really slowed down. Luckily it ran it’s course and she is feelin’ fine. The hardest part about the whole “epic puke” fest is keeping her hydrated. She only drinks water and milk. She only wantswater and milk. We were offering her juice, gatorade and soda and she turned her nose up at all of it. It got to the point where I was syringing gatorade and pedialite into her mouth a teaspoon at a time just to keep my sanity. Her grandma came out to stay with her so I could go to work Monday and that is so nice.. Kaili started to pick back up and by Tuesday was pretty much her normal self aside from her “normal” appetite, which may be f*cked up for awhile. We bravely took her out to dinner Tuesday evening and when she was done she let everyone know by yelling “LADY ALL DONE” to the waitress clear across the room. Brilliance I tell ya!

FaceTiming Uncle Wags before “Puke Meltdown ’13”
All smiles. Thank the maker of wine she didn't puke on our bed.
All smiles. Thank the maker of wine she didn’t puke on our bed.
Despite her illness we watched USA beat the shit out of Cuba.
Despite her illness we watched USA beat the shit out of Cuba.
no filter, so pretty.
no filter, so pretty.
Someone's feeling better.
Someone’s feeling better.
Damn, she is cute, even a few lbs. lighter.
Damn, she is cute, even if she is a few lbs. lighter.