Knee Scopes and Viruses

A year ago I hurt my knee while stretching. I was in a lunge position when the mat moved underneath me during a transition. Not sure what exactly happened but the pain was instant. I nursed it for a couple weeks and although it never got really swollen, it was painful to put weight on it. I went to the doctor and he didn’t think I did anything serious so he suggested physical therapy. After months of “rest” and physical therapy I still couldn’t fully straighten my knee, I definitely couldn’t kick out that leg and it really hurt if I accidentally stepped wrong or one of my kids tried to put their weight on it while I was sitting straight legged. Long story short, I switched doctors and ended up getting a second opinion and finally a year later had arthoscopy on it.


I have my post-op appointment this Friday. The swelling is way down…

48 hours post op


8 days post op

It’s going to take some time and daily PT exercises to get my full range of motion back, let’s hope I am as good as new sooner than later.

The kids had a rough time adjusting to my recovery. I was told to stay off my feet for a few days so that left Shane and my parents doing all the things. Averi had meltdowns over anything, especially when she wanted to me carry her around and Kaili had tears before school and swimming. I was surprised they had such a hard time but just when things were getting back to routine or so I thought, Averi got sick.


She was beyond cranky, fever out of nowhere, extra long naps…all she wanted was for me to hold her…ALL DAY LONG and sometimes that wasn’t soothing her either. I had no idea what was wrong, she didn’t have a runny nose or a cough. I started to think I should make a Dr. appointment just to ease my mind. Then Sunday morning, I gave the inconsolible Averi a bath and that’s when I noticed little sores dotting her ankles. The closer I looked the more I saw.  I hollered to Shane “hey, Google Hand Foot Mouth disease” and while he was reading me what he found, I knew that is what she had.

The past few days have been a doozy, the poor girl has sores in her mouth on her butt, legs and around her mouth and looks like this a lot of the time.


After messaging our pediatrician, doing some research and asking other mommies I realized there wasn’t too much I could do. It’s a virus that has to run it’s course while I do my best to keep her comfortable.

Kaili seems just fine for now, fingers crossed and double crossed this stops with Averi. I disinfected the whole house, washed ALL the sheets and blankets, got new toothbrushes  and do my best to keep Averi’s mouth away from everything. One day at a time!

One thought on “Knee Scopes and Viruses

  1. Oh Kim, I am so sorry for all the troubles that have been haunting you and your family. Bad enough being off your feet, but that virus for Averi must have been terrible. I have dealt with children’s illness too and it’s no fun. Time will heal it all, but in the meantime—–!?? Too bad about your knee and I hope it’s all better now and that Averi is over the worst too. Look for better days ahead.

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