Bad Blogger

I have been a terrible blogger and I can’t even blame it on the kids. I rarely take my phone out to snap pictures of much anymore, not for amazing food (which I have had and will try to recreate) or even, gasp, winery dogs. I do take a lot of pictures of the girls because they are so very photogenic and pretty darn cute.

I picked the girls up early from camp one day and took them to my brothers on Coronado. They have a food truck “experience” I guess we can call it, every month or so. We went swimming for a bit and then we walked a dreadfully long ways, according to the girls, next door past the Marriott, sigh.

We ate delicious pizza, a crazy good poké, enjoyed music and wine then finished it with ice cream.

I made a really good recipe from once again, drumroll please, Bon Appetít. I didn’t follow this recipe exactly but it sure was good.

We have also become quite fond of a little Taiwanese tea spot down the road. They have everything from fruit slushies, to smoothies to different milk teas and on and on. They also have waffles that you can top with all things sugar and we knew the girls would dig it. We made it an after camp stop one day and those waffles were delicious, however my Thai iced tea, is by far the best…according to me.

The highlight of the past few weeks was a belated father’s day gift from my brother. He got a box suite at the LA Galaxy stadium for my dad and we all reaped the benefits, it was so great. Great food, great company and we even brushed by Colby Jones, it was like 1996 all over again.

The Galaxy lost, but that’s besides the point right?

Where Do the Days Go?

Is it really the middle of February? What the hell? I am turning another year older next week that probably explains why I can’t remember what we have done the past few weeks.

Aside from a couple of kids birthday parties and making hummus, my new weekly hobby, life has been mundane. I did, however make it to a USMNT friendly match. They played lousy but we still had fun time, with great seats on the field.



I have been trying to take the girls to the park on Wednesdays, we have been exploring outside of our neighborhood park. Finding ourselves mostly at parks near the water when the weather is beautiful.


Averi really wanted to hand feed the pigeon a chip, I almost thought she would succeed but   the bird chickened out.img_1137-1

The past few recipes I have made have been duds, I need to make something good enough to post. Luckily next Saturday Brian Malarkey will be cooking us dinner as we try out his new restaurant. What else should we do with a free night downtown?

Olympic Goals and Soccer Dreams

Olympic Training Center

Saturday we went out to the Olympic training center in Chula Vista, aka Wag’s home. It was buzzing with BMX Olympians and loads of their fans to watch the Olympic trials. I wasn’t even aware that BMX was a sport in the Olympics, shows you what I know.

BMX Course


It was a pretty big ordeal and fun to see. There were skydivers and the band Buck-O-Nine played in between the trials.


We didn’t get to stay to see the finals because the little Miss needed dinner and things were running behind schedule. 19-year-old Connor Fields took home the trophy and landed a spot on the US Olympic team and will compete in London next month.

Hi Mommy

“After the show there’s the after party”


Futures so bright!

On Sunday or should I say Father’s day Shane, Kaili and I drove up to Irvine. Shane got to spend the day with his babe and I took my parents to see the Galaxy take on Portland.

I love soccer. Even though the Galaxy hasn’t been on a winning streak lately they did pull out a win this time. Half of the team is either injured or playing on their national team in Europe so it was mostly second string players. Beckham showed up and  played very well but it was our goalie who saved the game.

Back to Father’s day. Kaili made Shane a little gift, don’t you love it?

Happy Father’s Day!