Olympic Goals and Soccer Dreams

Olympic Training Center

Saturday we went out to the Olympic training center in Chula Vista, aka Wag’s home. It was buzzing with BMX Olympians and loads of their fans to watch the Olympic trials. I wasn’t even aware that BMX was a sport in the Olympics, shows you what I know.

BMX Course

It was a pretty big ordeal and fun to see. There were skydivers and the band Buck-O-Nine played in between the trials.


We didn’t get to stay to see the finals because the little Miss needed dinner and things were running behind schedule. 19-year-old Connor Fields took home the trophy and landed a spot on the US Olympic team and will compete in London next month.

Hi Mommy
“After the show there’s the after party”
Futures so bright!

On Sunday or should I say Father’s day Shane, Kaili and I drove up to Irvine. Shane got to spend the day with his babe and I took my parents to see the Galaxy take on Portland.

I love soccer. Even though the Galaxy hasn’t been on a winning streak lately they did pull out a win this time. Half of the team is either injured or playing on their national team in Europe so it was mostly second string players. Beckham showed up and  played very well but it was our goalie who saved the game.

Back to Father’s day. Kaili made Shane a little gift, don’t you love it?

Happy Father’s Day!

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