A Day at the Beach

Crystal Cove beach is located between Laguna Beach and Newport beach. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle stands a perfect little beach with a nostalgic twist. The historic district as it’s known is a beautiful beach with cottages dotted along the sand. Most of the action takes place at the Beachcomber cafe which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. There motto is “where every night is Saturday night and Saturday night is New Year’s eve.”

Cafe from the beach

My dad is a member of the Crystal Cove gallery where his paintings are always on display. He was asked to be a visiting artist for a few days down by the beach. My mom, Kaili and I decided to join him for a day, his cottage wasn’t roomy enough for us all to sleep in but it was perfect for a home base.

Featured Artist
Dad painting

Steve Kell Fine Art

Beach Cottage
big girl

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the cafe and then headed out to the beach. The sun wasn’t much of a team player today but it is June after all.

View from the beach
View from the beach
Sandy butt

Hi birdies
bathing beauty

I left with a list of all the cottage names and prices for a stay and I must say it’s very reasonable. I want to live in this cute little retro world for a few days.

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