Kaili woke up eager and ready to see if the Easter bunny had left anything for her. Averi decided to sleep in….of course.


Once Averi woke up and we were able to get some real food into the girls, we let them see what was hiding outside.


The grass was wet and cold, Averi didn’t want much to do with it. Kaili didn’t care and managed to gather all of the eggs on her own. Averi found a couple on dry land but put them in sissy’s basket.


We had brunch plans with friends so while the girls ate their weight in candy, I made my way to the kitchen and stayed there the next few hours.


I made a grapefruit yogurt cake and a tomato tart.


Luckily we weren’t going far. We walked over the pack n play, the kids toys, our food and we tucked in for a nice day with neighbor friends.


We had quite the spread, baked donuts, savory scones, tomato tart, eggs Benedict casserole and fresh fruit all washed down with mimosas and good wine.

Averi napped in her pack n play for hours while we played in the backyard.



We talked and drank the day away, nibbling on cheese as the sun started to set.


Reminding us that tomorrow was Monday and we should probably bid adieu. The girls knocked out after a long day and we sat down for all the great Sunday night TV.

It was a very nice Easter!

Easter in Ramona

Our old neighbors are now living out in Ramona. They have so much land, so much space, perfect for an Easter egg hunt. So the girls got their baskets and we loaded up the truck.


Their house has quite the views, hawks soar above the citrus trees and squirrels dart across the path to their pool.


If you squint you can see some of our favorite wineries.


The kids had a lot of fun hunting eggs, well I should say Kaili had fun. Averi just wanted to chase the cat and explore.


There was quite a spread for lunch, homemade quiche to fried chicken sliders and delicious fresh squeezed OJ from their trees. I made this lemon cake. I was overly cautious to keep an eye on it but somehow I overcooked it by a few minutes, but I would still recommend the recipe. I am going to try another recipe this week to compare and because I need a another piece of lemon cake in my life.

Once we were able to drag the kids away from their playground we headed down the road to Kohill winery. We are new members and had a wine pickup but also, you can’t go to Ramona without hitting a winery, i am pretty sure it’s illegal.


The girls snacked because they don’t eat their actual meals and then they chased each other around the tasting room while we decided what wines to take home.


It was a good practice run for Easter, now we get to do it all over again next week but without getting in the car.

Life Lesson

“You can’t depend on anyone but yourself.” That is a tough pill to swallow and a hard lesson to learn, at least for me it was. When I moved to the OC   I quickly learned that there were some very flaky people, something I hadn’t encountered before. I remember my dad trying to console me after some of my new friends just “flaked” on me. That was the first time I ever experienced anything like that and I was hurt. I quickly learned that some people are just that way and it doesn’t bother them.The tricky part is trying to teach our kids that lesson. In the past few days I have had to explain to Kaili why someone wasn’t there or why something wasn’t happening, it sucks. I know it’s a life lesson, not everything works out and not everyone shows up…but she is four. Ugh, parenting is hard.

Kaili had her last soccer lesson of the month. They had a little scrimmage…if you can call it that. There were hand balls and wrong goal scoring but they had fun. I missed a few minutes, Averi dove head first off of a large rock on to the cement and I ended up inside the Y attempting to apply ice to her head. She had a really good goose egg on her forehead. Luckily it went down pretty fast, she was fine.


IMG_7496IMG_7502IMG_0337Last weekend Shane spent the days putting in a raised garden bed in the back yard. A few years back he worked hard to put a play area for the girls in the yard. He moved the play area to another part of the yard and put the garden in, in a of couple days, he’s a monster. I hope this garden brings us the fruit of his labor.  I planted three types of tomatoes, four types of peppers, artichokes, and strawberries.

IMG_7539I told Kaili she was going to start swimming twice a week and I didn’t get a complaint…fingers crossed she just falls in love with it.

IMG_7526Did you all take advantage of national drink wine day? Those made up days are so silly but apparently my birthday is national margarita day, so……



Halloween Eve

Friday, we took Kaili out of school so we could make our annual trip to Bates Nut Farm. Going the day before Halloween was a big WIN! There was hardly anyone there, meaning no lines for pony rides, plenty of room in the petting zoo and you could actually browse the store without being shoved by the person behind you.

IMG_6386 IMG_6393The kids enjoyed themselves, you goat to believe it.

After the pumpkin patch we went to a restaurant on our to-do list and I was honestly miserable the entire time. Kaili was so good and so easy to take out to restaurants. But Averi, well she isn’t. There is whining, so much whining and she isn’t happy unless she is eating or walking around. It wasn’t a very “kid inviting” restaurant and I just felt horrible for her screeching while others tried to enjoy their lunch. Meanwhile, Kaili fell off her chair hitting the ground head first, causing gasps from everyone around us…she was fine. My blood pressure was not.



After lunch we hit a few new wineries nearby because after that lunch, we all needed a drink. The first winery, Deer Park Winery and Auto Museum was like walking into the past. Everything in the “museum” had a layer of dust on it. The wine bar was something out of the 70’s as was the decor. The wine though, the wine was atrocious. The whole experience was strange. Yes, Averi is eating off of old dirty carpet.

IMG_6406After that experience we hopped into another winery but I think we were all done and ready to head home. After baths, finally able to relax we enjoyed dinner outside while  the men watched baseball and the girls played until dark.


Eats and Greets

I am saving up for my next life. I am going to hire a night nanny. She will come at 6:00pm and take care of all the tedious bed time hoopla {we will keep story time} wake up with the kids when they cry, fall out of bed or just plain don’t want to sleep and wake up with them at 5:30 in the morning. Then I will glide in, all bright eyed and bushy tailed and redeem my position.

We spent part of the day in Seaport village last week, I have been there so many times now I can’t keep track, we seriously live in the best place. Averi went on her first carousel ride and we had a very overpriced lunch but the view….

sisters first rodeo
Sisters first rodeo
Lunch with a view
Lunch with a view

IMG_5585 IMG_5593

Shane and I were lucky enough to get away for a 21 and over dinner while the folks were here. Averi had been being such a little PITA that I was nervous about leaving her…but she was just fine. We wanted to stay away from downtown due to Comic Con so it was the perfect excuse to try Brian Malarkey’s La Jolla eatery Herringbone. The vibe of this place is sound. I wish I lived walking distance, I would be a regular.


There is a booze bar and a raw bar and I want to get to know both. I ordered the Branzino and it was by far the best I have ever had. Don’t forget that the cheeks on fish are the best part, just slap that hand away when someone tries to be cheeky. It was paired with an artichoke salad and a minty pea puree that put London’s mushy peas to shame, sorry lads.


Sun goes down in LJ
Sun goes down in LJ

We also knocked out another restaurant on our to-do list…The OB noodle house. This is a place where you need a group of people and everyone is into sharing. So many great things on their menu. Everything I tried was good, Kaili liked the Pho and you have to try the garlic chili chicken wings…drool.


Sunset Cliffs, OB
Sunset Cliffs, OB

It was a fun visit with the in-laws as always. Averi is back in her room and her crib and it’s been glorious. Good sleep has her like….Chillen.


Big Plan Fail

I had big blogging plans for this trip but…..

I have so much to tell you. We will start with wine and dogs.

Elegante Cellars and the dog with no name…because I forgot it.


Dunham Cellars and the other dog with no name….because wine.

Shane and I took the kids out to the airport for some wine tasting on Tuesday. No not the actual airport but right past the Walla Walla airport houses over 20 wineries. I googled it for you. We hit a handful of them but the one we were looking forward to all day was Dunham cellars. We were lucky enough to meet JoAnne Dunham thanks to Wags. They became fast friends when he was in town for a motivational speech. She met us at the winery and gave us a first class tasting and we became wine members without hesitation.


Christmas eve was full of cheer. Most of the family came, food was inhaled and gifts were tore open. It was nice to catch up with people I haven’t seen in years and might not see again for a few more. We recovered Christmas morning by sitting on our asses as Jesus intended it.


Friday was Shane’s birthday and we had just a few more wineries we wanted to visit. We packed up the kids and headed out to the other side of Walla Walla Soon after our first stop I realized I forgot Averi’s bottles. I packed everything for the kids, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g for a day out except a fucking bottle.

Another one of Shane’s high school friends just moved his tasting  room from the airport to downtown. He let us know that he was there at Kontos Cellars pouring, so we dropped the kids off with grandma and hit the town. (thank you!)  We were lucky enough to meet back up with Chris and his wife later that evening for a fun few hours. Then this happened….

The next morning JoAnne wasn’t at home, apparently the police called around 2 in the morning. Shane’s grandma ( who lives not far down the road) had run to the neighbors claiming she had been assaulted and there were strange people in her house. Once Gordon and JoAnne showed up it was obvious that no one was ever there and that her mind was playing some wacky ass tricks on her. Turns out there was SO MUCH more to Gma’s story. Ladies were talking about her in her bedroom and every time she got close to the door they ran away, a  naked couple had performed a play  in her front room under a teepee made with her comforter and then  they were laying on her floor “doing their thing”. Her clothes were scattered all throughout her yard, some were nicely folded in the washing machine topped with Ramen noodles and she was convinced her dog had been drugged and his hair was falling out so she lathered him up with hand lotion. There is so much more but I can’t write all night.

The next morning JoAnne and her sister Kellie took Gma to the ER and spent most of the day waiting for tests. Hours and hours later the results were and it turns out she has a bladder infection. YOU GUYS a urinary tract infection in older women can cause paranoia and hallucinations. Now, not to say age or maybe even dementia isn’t playing a small part but here….read it for yourselves. The ER doctor sent her home with antibiotics and a sitter for the night.

We all hoped that would do the trick but come Sunday night we couldn’t reach her by phone. Convinced someone had to check on her, Shane and JoAnne headed over.  Oh man…she had barricaded both the front and back door to keep the people out, broken a lamp so they would cut their feet and told Shane that his “wife’s husband” is the one doing this. It’s  crazy ass shit that I can’t wrap my head around. I am truly amazed that a bladder infection can mess with your mind in such a way.

This is a PSA for the elderly. IF you have a loved one who may be going senile or straight mad, take them in for tests. Could be as simple as a urinary tract infection. Question is, does it go away with antibiotics?


Sip and Paint

Poor Averi still has a bad cold making nights reminiscent of the newborn days. I have been sneaking into Kaili’s room at all hours of the night to get some quality sleep.

Saturday afternoon all the girls went to Brushes N Brix and we had a blast.

IMG_6072 I was a tad terrified when I found out we were going to be painting trees, unless they’re palm trees, it’s not quite my forte. I wasn’t thrilled with my final project but for the first time it wasn’t terrible. I could totally do this on a regular basis, and the wine truly does help. It numbs the pain when you realize you just fucked up your painting with black paint and makes it easier to just brush it off.

IMG_6074 IMG_6085

Sunday, after taking Kaili for a run in the park headed downtown to sneak in a few wine tastings. We hit a handful of wineries that were new to us and most of them were really good.


We were told to hit Trust Cellars by a couple of ladies and it was the best decision we made all day. We loved everything about this winery, we quickly became wine members.

Trust Cellars
Trust Cellars

We ended the day at a friends house. Telling stories over wine and football, we had a great time. ( HOW BOUT THEM HAWKS!!)

We did a Pepsi/Coke challenge with three syrah’s, one being a San Diego county wine and it held up like a champ against some very delicious Washington wines.

IMG_6120I guess it’s time to start getting ready for Christmas. I am not even done wrapping, are you?

Tommy Tart Remake

A few months ago I made this Tommy Tart and although it was good, it needed something more. I decided to remake it adding more flavor.  Instead of Boursin cheese I used an herb goat cheese and parmesan. I also added sautéed onions…because why not? The best part is I used a tad of wine to cook the onions in. It basically forces you to have wine with your tart because now you have an open bottle. You’re welcome.

photo 2



1 sheet puff pastry- defrosted

good olive oil

1 sweet onion, sliced

1 garlic clove sliced

1 tsp. fresh thyme

2 tbs white wine

1/4 cup parmesan cheese

4 oz garlic herb goat cheese

2 tomatoes, sliced

fresh basil

salt and pepper


Pre-heat oven to 425.

Place pastry sheet on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.

Saute onion and garlic in a tablespoon of olive oil. Saute for 15-20 minutes until onions are limp. Stir in wine, thyme and salt and continue to cook another 10 minutes until onion start to turn brown and liquid evaporates, remove from heat and set aside.

Sprinkle parmesan on puff pastry. Then top with onions and crumbled goat cheese. Layer tomatoes  on top of cheese then drizzle with some olive oil, sprinkle with salt and basil.

Pop into the oven for 20-25 minutes. Serve warm and with the extra wine you now have.



San Diego Wine Tasting and all That Jazz

School, wine tasting, harvest, baking, Seahawks, dogs, cats, pumpkins and not in that order.


Good things in the making
Good things in the making
Humane Society
Humane Society
Uncle Bri's house
Uncle Bri’s house
Wine tasting
Wine tasting
Picking grapes like a good wino
Picking grapes like a good wino
Chuparosa winery
Chuparosa winery


DSC_8829 IMG_0205 IMG_0199


Charming the wine maker
Charming the wine maker

IMG_0230 IMG_0226

Great people, great wine, great dogs
Great people, great wine, great dogs
Worn out palate, watch out for snakes
Worn out palate, watch out for snakes


all done
all done
Got to drink these before my doctor knocks me up.
Successful day in Ramona
Go Hawks!
Go Hawks!