Must admit, I don’t love needles!

Today was the first day of my Lupron injections and I remembered how much I dislike needles. My hands were very shaky which made holding the syringe like a dart and briskly insterting it quickly and entirely into my stomach a tad bit difficult. Shots are much easier to handle when you can shut your eyes and squeeze something however,I did manage to do it and it was pretty painless. I am hoping over the next 20 days I will become a pro. The common side effects include: local bruising and or irritation at the injection site, hot flashes, vaginal dryness ( lovely ) headaches, mood swings and some difficulty sleeping. Sounds like Shane has his work cut out for him this next month 😉 My next Dr. appt. is most likely next Friday. This is the biggy where I begin blood draws, ultrasounds and Shane get his medical teaching on how to stick me with more needles. If all looks good I will start the stimulation medication. Well that is all for now and I will keep you updated on the Lupron!

One thought on “Must admit, I don’t love needles!

  1. That so doesn’t sound like fun!

    I had my teeth cleaned a few days ago and the Hygienist (remember Dawn?) asked about you. She went through it all too and wishes you the best! She said the first implants of 4 fresh eggs failed, but the second try with 3 frozen eggs resulted in her beautiful twin girls.

    Love, M

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