Day 1-3

On the first day of my cycle I was told to call my nurse and schedule an appointment  for my baseline ultrasound and labs for the 3rd day of my cycle.  That was today. What is a baseline appointment you ask? The Dr. checked to make sure I didn’t have any cysts on my ovary and that my uterine lining looked good. I was given a thumbs up and the go ahead! Next they drew blood to check my FSH, Estradiol and DHEA levels. Can’t really tell you what they all are but if any levels are too high or too low they can adjust them with more meds…lucky me! I was also given a big box of Lupron and some birth control pills. The bcp are essentially going to help the Dr. take charge of my cycle. Once I am on the bcp for 1 week I will start the Lupron injections subcutaneously every morning until the egg retrieval. Lupron  is used to suppress ovulation. Once I stop the bcp in about 2 weeks  I will get another period. Once that happens we will go in for another ultrasound, blood draw and a lesson on how Shane gets to stick me with needles everyday.  My nurse said I don’t have to cut out caffeine, herbal supplements and alcohol intake until I start the stimulation meds oh and no more hot tub for me after that either! So I have a few more weeks with my vices before I go without them for 10 months..fingers crossed!

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