Human Pincushion

 My belly now resembles somewhat of an artwork, with little purple bruises and some nice red prick marks… I started acupuncture today as it “can increase the chances of getting pregnant for women undergoing fertility treatment by 65%”  I never did have much belief in or much thought at all about acupuncture itself but hey I am open to anything and everything these days. My acupuncturist is a very nice lady. Very into the holistic side of medicine, checks my pulse and tells me my energy is great! Huh? energy? I fell asleep on the table for an hour. 65$ for a nap and don’t accidently move your arm while you are asleep or you will jam the needle farther into your arm. That will jolt you from any deep sleep! I am told to eat only organic, farm raised, wild caught fish and stay away from sugar. Duh…that ‘s what we do day to day…still ain’t preggo! Ok, seriously maybe she is on to something. I will do everything I can to support this egg retrieval and transfer as best I can. Maybe I can get some pictures of my pincushion belly for y’all! Thanks for listening. I will let you know how tomorrow’s appointment goes!

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