Good to go!

Todays appointment went well! I have 25 follicles and all my blood work looks great. I can go ahead and start the stim meds tomorrow. Since I have so many follicles, they like to see at least 6 in woman starting IVF, I am starting on a lower dose of Menopur and follistim.

I will be giving myself the Menopur shot in the morning just like I have been doing with the Lupron but this one has a little more to it! The drug itself is a powder in a vial so I will have to inject water into  it, mix it up myself and then inject it. The follistim comes in a pen form and I just dial the dose and inject. I am to take the follistim at night between 7-9pm so it’s convenient to have in my purse if we are out and about. Starting Monday I  will have daily blood draws and then on Thursday I have a blood draw and an ultrasound. That will tell us how things are looking and about when the retrieval day will be. Right now it’s on the calendar for Wed. the 11th. but that can easily change. I can’t believe it’s so close..I am getting excited!

3 thoughts on “Good to go!

  1. Kim, you have such an amazing spirit! You are going to be a wonderful mother. Love you, Janet

  2. Be careful if you’re out – don’t want to get caught “shooting up” in the restroom! (Just kidding 🙂 )

    Really, it does sound exciting and you should get some sort of honorable medical certificate after all this!

  3. Restroom? I’ll whip it out and do it right there at the table…LOL! Yes and if for some reason it doesn’t stick the first time I will be very prepared for the next try..but I am feeling a sticky bean coming on 🙂
    Thanks Janet 😀

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