Day 5 stims

Today is day 5 of my stim meds and things are still looking good. After yesterdays blood draw I  was told to reduce my follistim dose, yay!  That means things are moving along nicely. I am sort of hoping that will also mean that the ER will happen a day or two sooner!

I learned a couple of things at the last few blood draws. 1: I have beautiful veins and 2: my veins like to roll. It took three  different needles yesterday to finally get enough blood and today it took three needles and 2 nurses to  get enough for the lab tests. The worst part is both arms are bruised so now they are looking for new places to stick me. Tomorrow’s blood draw should be fun!  Tomorrow is also my ultrasound to check how my follicles are responding to the meds.

I still can’t shake this constant headache.  Tylenol dulls it a bit and I feel fine  while working out but the rest of the time I just can’t get rid of it! I think it’s time to research au natural ways to cure a headache. Ideas greatly appreciated!

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