update and a thought!

This morning I had another ultrasound to check the size of my follicles. There were some that were 15mm and some a bit smaller. Once a few of them reach 18mm we will do a pre-op and that night Shane will give me the trigger shot to start  ovulation. My Drs. guess is that the ER will happen Wednesday or Thursday. I am still battling this stupid headache, I am very curious to see if it goes away once I stop the medications. I don’t seem to have a headache when I wake up but about 15 minutes or so after my injections I seem to get one. I thought for sure it was from the lack of caffeine but maybe not..Boy I hope not!

I had a realization today while DH (dear husband, sorry for the lingo hey you’ll catch on) well him and I went out to Julian for a hike today. Once we got there and started walking in the heat we soon realized that we didn’t bring enough water.  It was about 3 miles to the waterfall and as we were walking it dawned on me that next week my whole thought process is going to have to change. Sure today we will be a bit scarce on water, probably get really hot and tired but we’ll be OK. It was hell on the way back up hill for 3 miles in 87 degree weather with a few sips of warm water left but we made it! But I need to start thinking about more than myself now. I know  a lot of women don’t really think this way until they are already preggo because most don’t realize it until those 2 lines show up of the HPT. (home pregnancy test) However I am in a different situation and need to act like I am pregnant starting the day of the ET.  So I guess during our hike today it hit me that soon it wont be all about me anymore!  Next time I will be more prepared!

2 thoughts on “update and a thought!

  1. Can you have your shot at a different time of day – like before bed, so if it is the cause of the headaches, you could hopefully sleep through it?

    Glad you explained DH – I was thinking Deadhead! (Sorry Shane!)

  2. Nope I have to give myself 2 of the injections in the morning 7-9 but more like 7 since they want me to take them at least 30 prior to my blood draws. Then I take one at night between 7-9 too but by now my head is already hurting. I tried the sudafed sinus today but it didn’t do a damn thing 😦 But getting overheated may have made it worse!

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