No more meds!

Since I had an ultrasound yesterday and things seemed to be right on track I didn’t have to have one today, just my daily blood draw. The nurse usually calls me in the evening to tell my dose for the night and the next day. But today when she called she said the my Estradiol shot up significantly. “Huh, what does that mean?” I asked and she replied, “that means your awesome ovary is doing its job.” So she told me to stop all stim meds and that she is pretty positive that tomorrow will be our pre-op and the HCG injection. Right on! was my initial more stim meds, no more headaches and a maybe baby on the way~however as the day goes on I have started to do what I do  best….worry! What if I my follicles grew so much that now I am going to ovulate on my own before I get to the Dr. What if we have to cancel this months ER and ET because I may get hyperstimulated…what if, what if, what it!!! Ugh! I know what you’re thinking..I am sure you are fine and I am sure you are right. I just need to get my mind to stop thinking about it and wait until tomorrow’s appointment!

One thought on “No more meds!

  1. You shall now be known as AO (awesome ovary)! As in: AO & DH to the BD? – TMI!

    I won’t tell you not to worry though, because we feel what we feel!

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