Green means go

Today has been a nail biter. I went in to our appointment this morning pretty sure my follicles were ready to go and that tonight would be the night we do the trigger shot. The ultrasound showed that my leading follicle was 20mm! That means since Saturday it grew 5mm :0 We sat down with Dr. Garzo and signed the consent forms but he cautioned that if my estradiol levels were still high we would have to keep doing daily blood draws until it came down, until it was safe enough to go through the ER. If they were to retrieve the eggs while my estradiol levels were too high and since I have a lot of follicles that puts me at risk for OHSS. OHSS  Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is the most serious complication of IVF.  I was also told that I shouldn’t be doing strenuous exercise, which I was never told.  The nurse told me to skip the gym today since my ovary is so enlarged I am at risk for Adnexal torsion. Which means twisting of the ovary…Another shocker because that is the reason I only have one ovary. I already lost one to adnexal torsion. Holy Cow, could you imagine? So I opted to skip the workouts until my one and only precious awesome ovary is back to normal. So after meeting with the Doc we sat with my nurse so she could show Shane exactly where he will be sticking me with a large needle tonight if  we get the green light. I now have a black circle on my bum to guide him to the right spot. Like target practice. After everything was signed and we both felt comfortable with the injection lesson we were sent home to wait for the phone to ring. I tried so hard not to worry about my levels and tried not to even think about it. I spent the afternoon laying on the beach finishing my book.
Finally at 4:30 we got the call…the green light…the go ahead! Thank goodness! The nurse told me to take the injection at exactly 9:00pm and to arrive at the Dr. office Wednesday at 7:45 for the ER!  Phew, we made it…ovary still intact! I was also prescribed Dostinex which is supposed to help bring my Estradiol levels down. Tomorrow I am going to work a normal day and hopefully get some acupuncture. I am ready!

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