Egg Retrieval

Well the hardest part is over, at least I hope so! The retrieval went a lot easier than I anticipated. We arrived at the Dr. office at 7:45 and by 8:10 I was given a morning cocktail as they prepped me for surgery.  The last thing I remember was hearing Jack Johnson ( i brought the cd to listen to) and telling the nurse about how Shane and I met. Next thing I know I am in the recovery room. Shane came back and waited with me for a few hours before I was released. He was bored out of his mind. LOL. Besides some cramping and feeling super tired I felt fine.
Before we left, the embryologist came in and told us that Dr. Garzo retrieved 16 eggs 🙂 12 mature,2 intermediate and 2 immature. She said that the 2 intermediate eggs may mature enough to be fertilized but the 2 immature ones most likely wont. 12-14 eggs….not bad! They are injecting the eggs with the sperm today and tomorrow  we will receive a phone call telling us how many fertilized.  They will also let us know when the exact transfer time and day will be.

I am still at risk for OHSS so they gave me some diet restrictions. Stay away from white flour and sugar. Increase my fiber intake and drink 4 cups of green tea a day. Guess I will be having caffeine after all. Oh and since I stopped my meds I haven’t had a headache! I am to take medrol and doxycycline today up until the ET. The medrol is a steroid hormone to assist pre-embryo implantation and doxycycline is an antibiotic.

I think that is all I have for the day. I wonder if this makes sense. My nurse told me not to drive or sign any important documents in the next 24 hours since I may not be alert enough to make sounds decisions.


2 thoughts on “Egg Retrieval

  1. Oh Kim, that is so good to hear. Congratulations for getting this far. I’m glad to hear the headaches are gone. Keep on taking care of yourself. Looking forward to the next update. Love you, Janet.

  2. It all sounds good. I’m collecting some of my favorite books (including WFE) to bring you next week.
    Love, Mom

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