Tapas and wine…the cure!

After 3 days of being very uncomfortable I finally feel like myself again! 🙂 Yesterday I went in for an ultrasound to make sure there wasn’t too much fluid and my AO wasn’t extremely enlarged. They said I looked fine, a little fluid but most of my discomfort was due to constipation. So the doc recommended taking Mirilax and to try to enjoy my weekend. A few hours after taking the stuff I went in for acupuncture to help move things along. I must say as soon as she started “manipulating” the pins in my stomach I could feel things rumbling. She said we “woke something up” Ha!  Later in the evening we met a good friend of ours for some Spanish Tapas and wine and let me say I feel great today! Who knows what really worked, however I am leaning towards the tapas and wine.  So today we are going down to Little Italy to enjoy some pizza and maybe gelato. Damn that book!

On a sadder note, Shane’s aunt lost her battle with MS last night 😦 So again I am very lucky to have family close by as he may have to fly out in the next few days. Sending big hugs to his family!

5 thoughts on “Tapas and wine…the cure!

  1. WOW! I am now all caught up and miss I have to say that after going through ALL of that you have throughout this process….pregnancy is going to be a cake walk for you! 😉
    can’t wait to get the phone call with the BFP! 😉 good luck Monday!! Love you!

  2. Glad you’re feeling better – of course it’s the wine & tapas! Very sorry to hear about Shane’s aunt. Let me know if I should come earlier.

    Love, Moi

  3. Sending big fat +++ vibes your way tomorrow, chica!

    Please send my condolences to Shane 😦

    TTY soon!! XOXO

  4. Kim I’m so sorry you have to go through so much but it will be worth it. Remember Gordon will come and wait on you hand and feet if needed. Just remind him you are in charge of the remote.

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