A little bit pregnant…after egg transfer

We had the egg transfer yesterday and it’s pretty exciting to know there is an embryo inside me trying to bury itself into my uterine lining!

Yesterday we got to the Dr. at 10:00 and met with the embryologist. She showed us all the fertilized embryos and how they graded them. That whole process is over my head . The bottom line was we have 6 blastocysts and 2 that were ready for transfer. So she asked us the question of the day…” how many embryos do you want to transfer?”  What a surreal experience, sitting in a Dr. office deciding how many babies we want. Our ultimate decision was to transfer just one. Just one baby for us…for now!  We are freezing the rest, total of 9!

The Transfer itself was pretty easy. The Doc did a practice trial first to map out exactly where he wanted to put nubs ( Shane’s nickname for our lil embryo) The whole process didn’t last long, no more than 10 minutes. They had me continue to lay down for 30 minutes before I was wheeled down to the car.

I find myself antsy and having a little anxiety during this time of bed rest. I want to get up and take a shower, sit in the sun but I am laying down on the couch and the bed trying to keep myself entertained. My parents came down and it’s nice to have them here. You don’t realize all the things you get up for during the day until you can’t get up anymore.  This 2 weeks is going to be a long wait I am sure and I need serious willpower to not take a HPT before the 2 weeks are up…Give me strength 😉

2 thoughts on “A little bit pregnant…after egg transfer

  1. Congratulations! I’m so happy to know all went well yesterday. I’m sure that bedrest must be frustrating, but try to enjoy being waited on. You deserve it! Keep these updates coming. Love, Janet

  2. Take care, get rest. Eventually, you’ll be up & around again…. I’ll treat to caprese & pizza!

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