Could it be?

Today is the 12 week mark and I feel 100 times better. I don’t want to jinx myself but maybe the horrible all day sickness has surpassed? It’s great to feel human again. I am actually enjoying my job again and not having to shove food down my throat every hour. I have also been thinking about chocolate again. The first thing I realized in my 2 week wait was I didn’t want chocolate after dinner… I always want chocolate after dinner. It’s been 3 months and my long-lost friend is back on my mind. As soon as I am done writing this I am going straight to the kitchen to whip up some dark chocolate bark with pecans and sea salt. YUM!
The other new thing that started today is a sharp stabbing pain on the right side of my stomach. Before I panicked I googled it and sure enough it’s common in the beginning of the 2nd trimester. It’s called round ligament pain and it’s the ligaments stretching as the uterus grows. It’s a good thing I guess.

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2 thoughts on “Could it be?

  1. Kim I am glad you are feeling better. All day sickness is not fun. When I was pg I’d brush my teeth and gag then throw up. I still after 32 yrs still gag on my toothbrush, but at least I don’t throw up. LOL Can’t wait for another update.

  2. That’s good news! I hope you’ll have a hearty appetite on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you. Love, Janet

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